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1964 v.0.9.9 ..the story about a swindle!!


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hi guys!

I'm again here..

First of all I'm not lying, and I've posted a MY PERSONAL review to 1964 with ALL the enormous problems that I've encountered...

I'm very sad to find several problems with that emu when I had read on many forums that it would been the best emulator of N64..

The computers in which I've tested the emulator are NOT older.. I hope this shots (NOT FAKE!!) can help you to convince that I'm not lying...





Probably on your computers it runs perfectly.. I don't know.. but those are the REAL problems I've encountered!!

Maybe the emulator doesn't run with high end GeForce, maybe I have some defective hardware (but i don't believe it because several PC games runs great such as NFSUnderground or CallofDuty), maybe I have some defective roms.. but here are the urls where I had got them, try yourself:


<edited out>


And so I hope to clear all doubts.. if you don't believe it I can invite all of you at my home to see with your eyes the probs that I've encountered..

And what I've written are ALL my PERSONAL feelings because when I've tried the emulator and the games are NOT playable on MY computer, I had feel myself fu**ed!!! So please stop to call me lyer!!


Anyway, yesterday it were released the Rice Daedalus plug-ins 5.3.1, and I've tried them.. some problems have been fixed ON MY COMPUTER with them... here are the shots of the games fixed:








So I don't know which plugins have you, but I'm sure that with the Rice plugins that comes with emulator I had several problems, and that now many games runs perfectly..

Anyway, Killer Instinct Gold, War Gods, Gauntlet Legends, Yoshi's Story, ISS64 are FULL of graphic problems.. is it a bad dump?? is it my PC?? maybe I must wait for a new Rice plugin?? I don't know, but I've written this post ONLY because I would receive your help.. and NOT your accusations!!

Bye to all!!

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I dont know why anyone would think a 'perfect' N64 emulator will ever appear for the Pc, when Nintendo themselves cant even manage it for the old Zelda games disk on the Gamecube.


Strangely enough, they suffer the same problems as non Nintendo emulators do, such as Subscreen menu delays and poor text conversion....


Face it guys, N64 emulation will improve, but will never be perfect.

Even Neo-Geo emulation isnt perfect after nearly 8yrs of trying...

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hmmmmmmmph it is just a matter of time, be patient, i must confess i myself feel the same as could many times with n64 emus, when they say playable it should actually mean that you can play it ok, with very few glitches maybe and not that the emulator runs it at 2 fps, ok the emus are for free i agree with that but it is frustrating beacause it crushes all your expectations, when you get used you don´t pay much attention. BTW worng forum section i am moving this to n64 emu forum.

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ok cloud im sorry for callin you a lier, its just the way your first post sounded thats all, anyway, the best n64 emu out right now is project 64, i think you should try it, its not being worked on anymore, well not offically anyways, but i think its open source so that means the could also be a few un-offical releases of it that fixes some of the problems from the offical release, but even so the last release still runs better then the newer 1964 imo, and if i remember it does play ki gold, im not sure if it plays it at full speed, but it could be worth checking out anyways.

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Hi again!

Thanx for the link bbysknnr6 I've tried arcade version and it ROCKS!!!

I've tried PJ64 too and it seems better than 1964..

Finally to Yagami only one thing, yeah I know that playable doesn't mean PERFECT.. but first of all when the game has ENORMOUS graphic problems it isn't even playable in my opinion and if you note, in some (a few) games in the status/compatibility row, if the game has graphic errors it appears: "gfx errors".

So there is a distinction between playable and playable with gfx errors... the problem is that in the 90% of games with graphic probs there isn't this IMPORTANT warning...

So, do u agree with me that many expectations are disappointed????

I'm sure to have read, some time ago, in many forums that the new 1964 version (I know that it is an old emulator and the release of 1st Jan is only an update) would have been the BEST N64 emulator, many beta-testers ensure that the emulation was PERFECT...

But now, as I see, the emulator is NOT important... the only thing that could better the things are the graphics plugins, such as Rice Daedalus.. but these plugins are needed also in other emus (Daedalus, PJ64)... and so, the question is.. what is the meaning of 1964 update??? Where are the effective news that the update has introduced??? It was a necessary update??? I don't think so...

Maybe only an advertising joke to increase the accesses to the 1964 official web site.... this is my opinion...

Byez to all!!!!

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i'm not calling him a liar.


but if he can't tell the difference between playable (i.e runable) and perfect (i.e no flaws) then he shouldn't whine.

playable actually means that you can play with it and, a game that runs at 10fps isn´t exactly playable.

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I might add to this the fact that you shouldn't use the Daedelus plugins for anything but the rare occassion when they DO work better.

The Daedulus plugins in many cases, cause more problems with games.

This plugin isn't 100% compatible with the plugin system used by 1964 and PJ64 in the first place, so I don't see why everyone raves that it's so great (It screws up nearly every game I've tried them with)

Oh, and stay away from non official RDBs for PJ64. They break games while claiming to make others run better. Idiots who think they know how the RDBs should work...........should stop mucking with em to begin with.


Thats my "10 cents" for today on N64 emulation. :rolleyes:

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i'm not calling him a liar.


but if he can't tell the difference between playable (i.e runable) and perfect (i.e no flaws) then he shouldn't whine.

playable actually means that you can play with it and, a game that runs at 10fps isn´t exactly playable.

ok apparently, people here misunderstand emualtion lingo.



let me give you an example, go to teh n64 emus section on zophar.net



they'll tell you of how some emulators were the first to get commercial games PLAYABLE but not perfect (in the emu descriptions)



in emu lingo, playable (wether in be emulators, translation hacks, patches....etc) means that it will actually run.


perfectly, means that it will run like the console itself and maybe even better.

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