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  1. mmm I see... so any links where to find a LOT of neogeo ips patches?? (The two links posted in a previous topic "Is Kof2003 Playable un Fba-xxx?, Kof2003 no workie" are not sufficient for my files ) Thanx in advance!!
  2. Hi to all!!! I've a serious prob!! please help me!!! I've ALL Mame 0.85 roms plus mame more! versions and various neogeo hacks for nebula and winkawaks.. now I'm trying to realize a complete set of roms for FBA XXX for Xbox but specially for the last banned games, I've serious probs.. because after a Rebuild of romsets with ClrMamePro a lot of roms are missing!! The probs are: 1) Size mismatch 2) Bad CRC for the size I've resolved.. but I need to change the signature CRC of some roms and I don't know how to do it I know that a possible way is to use ips patches to apply with IPSWin to the roms.. but if I haven't or I can't find that specified patch.. how can I edit or create IPS patches from null?? I think that it will be very simple to create a patch which change ONLY the signature of a rom... I've tried to open with notepad some ips patches of neogeo games.. but the code is encrypted!! So how can I view that code?? how can I edit and create it???? Please help me!!! Thanx in advance!!! Byez!!
  3. Hi again! Thanx for the link bbysknnr6 I've tried arcade version and it ROCKS!!! I've tried PJ64 too and it seems better than 1964.. Finally to Yagami only one thing, yeah I know that playable doesn't mean PERFECT.. but first of all when the game has ENORMOUS graphic problems it isn't even playable in my opinion and if you note, in some (a few) games in the status/compatibility row, if the game has graphic errors it appears: "gfx errors". So there is a distinction between playable and playable with gfx errors... the problem is that in the 90% of games with graphic probs there isn't this IMPORTANT warning... So, do u agree with me that many expectations are disappointed???? I'm sure to have read, some time ago, in many forums that the new 1964 version (I know that it is an old emulator and the release of 1st Jan is only an update) would have been the BEST N64 emulator, many beta-testers ensure that the emulation was PERFECT... But now, as I see, the emulator is NOT important... the only thing that could better the things are the graphics plugins, such as Rice Daedalus.. but these plugins are needed also in other emus (Daedalus, PJ64)... and so, the question is.. what is the meaning of 1964 update??? Where are the effective news that the update has introduced??? It was a necessary update??? I don't think so... Maybe only an advertising joke to increase the accesses to the 1964 official web site.... this is my opinion... Byez to all!!!!
  4. hi guys! I'm again here.. First of all I'm not lying, and I've posted a MY PERSONAL review to 1964 with ALL the enormous problems that I've encountered... I'm very sad to find several problems with that emu when I had read on many forums that it would been the best emulator of N64.. The computers in which I've tested the emulator are NOT older.. I hope this shots (NOT FAKE!!) can help you to convince that I'm not lying... Probably on your computers it runs perfectly.. I don't know.. but those are the REAL problems I've encountered!! Maybe the emulator doesn't run with high end GeForce, maybe I have some defective hardware (but i don't believe it because several PC games runs great such as NFSUnderground or CallofDuty), maybe I have some defective roms.. but here are the urls where I had got them, try yourself: <edited out> And so I hope to clear all doubts.. if you don't believe it I can invite all of you at my home to see with your eyes the probs that I've encountered.. And what I've written are ALL my PERSONAL feelings because when I've tried the emulator and the games are NOT playable on MY computer, I had feel myself fu**ed!!! So please stop to call me lyer!! Anyway, yesterday it were released the Rice Daedalus plug-ins 5.3.1, and I've tried them.. some problems have been fixed ON MY COMPUTER with them... here are the shots of the games fixed: So I don't know which plugins have you, but I'm sure that with the Rice plugins that comes with emulator I had several problems, and that now many games runs perfectly.. Anyway, Killer Instinct Gold, War Gods, Gauntlet Legends, Yoshi's Story, ISS64 are FULL of graphic problems.. is it a bad dump?? is it my PC?? maybe I must wait for a new Rice plugin?? I don't know, but I've written this post ONLY because I would receive your help.. and NOT your accusations!! Bye to all!!
  5. Hi guys!! Following the title of this topic, we will speak about a console that never had success, and that today it seems to be "cursed" for all the emulation promises, that never had been attended.. We are talking about N64 and just about the last emulator.. 1964 v.0.9.9 Until today there were a few number of N64 emulators, first of all UltraHLE, however these emulators were slow, poor, and full of video and audio bugs, except for some games such as Super Mario 64, Mario Kart 64 and Ocarina of Time.. Then I abandoned the N64 emulation scene about a year ago, like I think you did too.. And so here we are, it was September 2003 when it begins to hear rumors about a new definitive emulator, that soon would be blow away all the other rivals.. and it would have perfectly emulated ALL N64 games!!! To increase curiosity and attentions of all people, it was said that the project was "secret" and developed by some "mysterious" programmers.. and so I start to taste the possibility to play several games such as Killer Instinct Gold, Paper Mario and others... Then, after a few weeks, here the first screenshots about the though work of the 1964 team.. marvelous and superb images, that show how all N64 games were perfectly emulated!! However I discovered that the emulator was in a "beta-testing" phase, and only a few lucky people could play and test the games, so in a forum it starts to appear damned good images about 1080 SnowBoarding, Perfect Dark, Pokémon Stadium 2, F-Zero X, etc. After 3 months, here the official release, it was January the first. Finally I download it, I refresh roms list, and joy and happiness takes my body!! So I launch Killer Instinct Gold, the status of the game says Playable!!...but... what's wrong?!? the game is slow, suffers of a low frame rate, and above all it SU**S!! So I ask myself if I have video drivers and DirectX last updated.. but the answer is affermative!! Maybe it is a wrong plug-in setting?? but in the options all seems correct, I've Rice 5.2.0 plugins and I try to change some settings like Direct3D, OpenGL, Fine Texture Mapping, Force Linear Filtering.. but the changes doesn't affect anything.. the game is UGLY!!! So I try another game, Paper Mario, but first of all audio is missing... and the floor and the 80% of the textures are Black!!! So with the latest remaining strenghts, I launch 1080 SnowBoarding.. the presentation is good, and after I select the snowboarder in a missing background.. I start to play.. but.. what's wrong again??? it seems to have a snow wall in front of him during all the gameplay... So, Joy changes in ANGRY , and I would send an e-mail to the autor and say F**K YOU!!! However, I return in myself, and I decide to write this post of indictment and anti-advertising against the first great swindle of the year.. 1964!!! So I've personally tested a lot of games, creating the related REAL screenshots, and here is my review: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 1964 ver, 0.9.9 - Nintendo 64 Emulator Tested on the following computers: Intel Pentium 4 2,4 Ghz RAM 512 MB DDR 333 HD Seagate 60 GB ATA133 7200Rpm nVidia GeForce 4 Ti4600 Ultra 128 MB DDR Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP1a Direct X 9.0b end nVidia DetonatorXP 52.16 ------------------------------------------------------ Intel Pentium 4 3,06 Ghz HT RAM 1024 MB DDR 400 HD Maxtor 120 GB ATA133 7200Rpm nVidia GeForce FX 5600 128 MB DDR Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition SP1 Direct X 9.0 nVidia DetonatorXP 53.03 :::::::::: ScreenShots :::::::::: Config: The following shots were made from games that the emulator itself shows in the status as Playable!! 1080 SnowBoarding: Playable?? yes if we don't consider the huge graphic problems... All Star Tennis '99: Is that a play court?? Army Men Sarge Heroes: Wonderful polygonal models and Gourad Shading... but where are the Textures??? For other images.. see the following link: Click Here I leave you.. all the possible comments...
  6. where can I find the "Surreal" emulator for N64 on XBOX???
  7. Hi guys! Let's make some sense to the mslug5 ROM.. Here is what I've found: I've tried a complete decrypted romset switching between two different P1 roms.. Here is my romset: note the presence of two different P1 roms, those are the ones different that I've found on internet... The first "268_p1.rom" of 8 MB and the second "ms5_p1.rom" of 5 MB... So I've tried to start the game with Nebula 2.23d + loader using the following DAT: System: NEO RomName: mslug5nd Game: Metal Slug 5 (Fully Decrypted) [Program] 268_p1.rom,0,800000,3f1cf3d2,0 [Text] 268_s1.rom,0,20000,64952683,0 [Z80] 268_m1.rom,0,20000,6fa01c9a,0 [Samples] 268_v1.rom,0,400000,c3540e0d,0 268_v2.rom,400000,400000,77bd2f4,0 268_v3.rom,800000,400000,39b14567,0 268_v4.rom,C00000,400000,969ff3b2,0 [Graphics] 268_c1.rom,0,800000,969c0d62,0 268_c2.rom,1,800000,c69ae867,0 268_c3.rom,1000000,800000,d7beaeaf,0 268_c4.rom,1000001,800000,e1b1131b,0 268_c5.rom,2000000,800000,2fa1a5ad,0 268_c6.rom,2000001,800000,6de89589,0 268_c7.rom,3000000,800000,97bd0c0a,0 268_c8.rom,3000001,800000,c0d5bc20,0 [System] CartridgeID: 268 GfxCrypt: 0 GfxKey: 0 ButLayout: 9 Fix: 0 %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% after the roms scan it appears to be a valid romset (green color) I launch the game, the nebula charges all the roms and it seems to start but here's an error: so it's the time to try with the other P1 rom.. so I've changed the DAT at the Program voice: [Program] ms5_p1.rom,0,500000,e2e6617a,0 the rom is recognized, the program loads it and surprise it starts!! but if the NeoGeo Option Mode is set to CONSOLE, here is the result: and if the NeoGeo Mode is set to ARCADE, here is the result: You can note from the images that the graphics are completely scrambled.. even if the game is playable.. The only thing that you can't note is audio.. it seems very good with no problems or scratchs... In my personal opinion it seems to be a good romset but we must wait for the release of a correct P1 rom that orders the graphics messed up.. So I advise to wait and to have patience because the fully playable romset will be out very soon.. hopefully before the end of the year.. Bye and happy new Metal Slug year to all!!
  8. please can anyone send me the correct P1 rom for Samurai Shodown 5???? I have the one with the bad CRC (( please help me!! my email address is: funio79@virgilio.it Thanx in advance!! Happy new year to all!!
  9. Anyone can help me? I need the Street Fighter Zero / Alpha (CPS Changer) dats because I want to play it with Nebula 2.23d The game starts in WinKawaks 1.47b but the dats in kawaks are merged with the exe file and I don't know how to copy them... Any help would be very appreciate... thanx in advance!! bye!!
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