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Word Censorship


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Most idiots use medical terms as sex/offensive/racist terms to others which is really insulting to some people :/

You my dear sir seem to be spewing various pitches of sound from your rectum. It seems that your medula oblongata is the size of your malleus, you corpus cavernosum sucking piece of solid human excriment.


It also seems your biceps brachii has significantly increased in size due to overindulgence in self gratifying activities located around the genitals. Perhaps your dorsal radii needs rest.



Um...that's all I can think of...DAMN! ;)


This is totally out of the blue but its in my head right now, and if you can identify where this quote is from, you'll great a prize!!


"I don't want to go off on a rant here but America's foreign policy makes as much sense as Robert Fulton having sex with Beowulf at the Battle of Antitam. I mean when a neo-conservative defenestrates, it's like Ruskalmikov filibustered deoxymonohydroxinate."

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DAMMIT!! Double post, sort of. I pressed stop on the first one after I pressed reply. I tried to copy it but the this damn Mac keyboard sucks. Apparantly CTRL+C doesn't mean copy. Some please delete that above post.

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Personally i dont mind the censorship, as pointless cursing doesnt really have a place on a forum. Some words get caught up in the filter, and its something ive learned to live with. its the price for people behind a monitor thinking their cool for spouting profanities every sentence.

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hehe, i might come off as a feces ejecting hole because i swear alot, but really i dont mean anything buy it, me and my friend swear and make fun of each other just because we are messing around


i guess where messed up like that :)


heh...at least our endless mom jokes wont be censored if we all decide to join up here :(

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