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Kawa-X SE suggestions


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I've been reading up on the Kawa-X Plus and Kawa-X SE information. In the past couple of days I have been downloading the roms and files needed, and I have a couple of suggestions for future works. It sounds like Mr. X and his helpers are trying to go towards a more standard route. This is a good move I think.


My first suggestion is rename the default.xbe. The posts and read me files always seem to say it will show up in the dash as something other than Kawa-X, but it ALWAYS shows up as Kawa-X. I have downloaded al least 3 different files / versions and none of them have had the name changed in the xbe. I know it's easy to fix myself, but why can't you do it for us. I'm willing to help if you want. Just send me each version before you post it, and I'd be happy to edit the name for you. ;-)


Which leads me to my next suggestion. Name it something with a version number. Kawa-X SE is great now, but how will someone know it from the next version that comes out? I suggest the current version be called Kawa-X SE 8. Because it supports 8 extra games. and bug fixes could be noted with a.something. (ex: Kawa-X SE 8.3) Whenever a new game is supported you can add it to the release number.


I would also suggest a read me file be included in any posting. It would be nice if it had a basic list of roms and sizes needed to run the games, and also a short explaination of any differences that different roms might make on a game. I have seen this in some postings of Kawa-X SE.


A DAT file would also be nice. I have read in your post that specific roms are not needed much of the time, but a dat of your "Suggested" and "Tested" roms would be nice to have. I could probably throw that together for you if you had the info on what roms you recommend as the best to use. I made the first Nebula DAT pack for Razoola that included unencryped CPS2 games way back in the early days of Nebula :P


Another suggestion is to change the save game folder. I read the post that someone wanted that, and another poster figured out how to change the folder that Kawa-X SE used. I know it is very easy to just refresh the list when changing from Kawa-X to Kawa-X SE, but if it's an easy fix......why not do it. Make Kawa-X SE it's own save. At the least it would save everyone a button press each time they switch versions.


I hope I didn't come off as sounding demanding, I just thought you might like some suggestions. Everyone who has worked and helped on Kawaks, Kawa-X, Kawa-X +, and Kawa-X SE has doen a great job. I hope you keep the fun alive.

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I like those suggestions. I've done a couple of those myself (as I'm sure many people have). KawaX SE now shows up as "KawaX SE" in my dashboard and I have now changed the folder where it saves to on my XBOX (thanks to faceless).


But if MrX doesn't feel like doing that, that's cool too... I just want Metal Slug 5 and I'll be estatic! :P

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I cant really speak for Mr.X with regards to all this but i can add my thoughts.



Personally, i still do the Kawa-X Plus thing, always have always will (personally) because renaming the roms is extremely fast and easy with regards to testing (and believe me ive done some crazy things to test out Metal Slug5).


I initially released Plus to the public because i figured it was convenient and would help people out. Im a lazy bastard though and would have never gone through the trouble Mr.X did.


Mr. X took it to the next level and painstakingly went into the xbe and did a lot of re-writing so that the emulator would be EVEN MORE user friendly and follow emultaion-standards (great thing). As far as his intent with it, i think basically he shared his work with everyone.


When i was messing around with stuff, i released "patches", etc but as far as I know, PLUS always said "Kawa-X Plus" on the dashboard -you can download it now from the site and run it and you will see this.

----BUt i didnt do that for everyone, i did it for myself so i can distinguish PLUS from the regular kawa-x.


With SE i think you all got the same, something that Mr. X uses as he uses it, he didnt create it for the masses but released TO the masses for everyone to enjoy. All the changes mentioned are very simple and perhaps he will consider them for future releases but its not that big a deal IMO.


With regards to the SAVE stuff.......Kudos to Faceless for sharing his discovery with everyone as i know it has helped a lot of users.


Thats what this is all about, helping everyone enjoy their experience playing Neo-Geo games without limitaions.


So whatever contributions you all can share with everyone here, go ahead and do it.


Metal Slug 5 is a biatch by the way. lol

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It also shows up as kawa-x on my xbox, how do i change the name to kawa-x Le and also how can i change the save folder??, i've already worked on a dat file for romcenter with only the banned roms in it, i used the dat file Mr-x posted in the svc sticky on nextgen emu subsection on this forum to make it, he posted all the file names and crcs etc, i only changed a few crcs for a few games meanly capcom vs snk plus, as it kept showing up in yellow cos the s1 rom was not the same as capcom vs snk bootleg, but it seems to be fixed now, and all my roms are showing up as green and working perfect if anyone would like me to post my romcenter dat here i can?, imo i think it would help alot of people find the roms they need, plus it would also help them people with wrong file names convert over to the file names Kawa-x Le uses i was also gonna make one for Kawa-X Plus, to help people who doesn't wanna go though the trouble of renaming there roms them selfs, i think it might be a good way for people to switch from one to the other and back again, or for all them people to switch from kawa-x plus to LE without all that renaming, since romcenter will do it for ye.

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I would just find a PC hex editor and make the changes to the default.xbe. As faceless mentioned, you can change the title using xToolbox or Avalaunch, but you are going to have to use a PC hex editor to change the save folder anyway, I figure you might as well do it all on your PC. Just send me a PM or contact me via AIM if you need any help.

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