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MAMEUI64 Classic 0.253.1 released


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MAMEUI64 Classic 0.253.0 is released.





There's been a truckload of new and invasive bugs in MAME recently, so you'll most likely get some weird things happening, especially if you use a joystick or game controller. Make sure you read the new document about setting up your controller:


If MAME crashes, then most likely it will take down the frontend with it.


The support for arcade.ini, console.ini, computer.ini and othersys.ini have been removed from MAME, and so these files will be ignored. In MAMEUI the support of arcade.ini was restored.

In MAME, the files arcade.flt and mess.flt were deleted, however you can create your own and it will work as before. The only difference is that you need to maintain them yourself instead of being done by the developers.

There's a new development branch being created for MAMEUI - it will have a new name (suggestions?) and a lot of improvements. It's not a priority though, so it could be many months before you see anything.

In the meantime the old worn-out MAMEUI has been rebranded as "Classic" - it will require GCC 10.1, and will only get updates to keep it working. There won't be any new features. The release schedule is (at this time) expected to be every 3 months.

As always, do NOT post questions about anything at reddit - all you'll get is insults, plus bonus lies about me. Save yourself the angst and ask here or at mameworld.


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