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  1. I just find one texture of the girl appearing ingame, but you need to do a few steps. Insert coin as normal you do, and then use cheat code to defeat the boss. Wait for the secound level and then when you select the position in your screen, you press F3 as a reset and you will see as quickly the girl image from the first level. Here's the video. https://files.fm/f/pgvs238hr I hope we can able to see this game playable one day, so many years waiting for this.
  2. Really happy to see all Irem original games fixed to is own stable.
  3. It is not those games added i was talking about, wait and see.
  4. 0.240 of HBMAME it will be a big surprise for others, wait and see.
  5. You cannot add the cave source with AKA and SDOJ? Is not a official mame build.
  6. Please robert and haynor666 ask mamesick to hack speed Racing Jam. Is the only game i wanna play at home. Since covid appear i never had a change anymore to play this arcade one time each year. DX Version crashed i don´t know if Ville Will fix it soon. I already saw people enjoying this hack but is not on this emulator.
  7. Please if possible compile a little git update of Arcade, just to update the original sdoj, is added in retroroms now. Thank you! ❤
  8. Open the .cpp in a notepad++ or some tool with C++ and you can remove each parameter of each game you want, but remember you need to compile the emulator again if you wanna see them removed. I think is that the way how to add and remove games. Without the codes you can´t do anything at all. Good Luck!
  9. Other question. Radica Games are gambling or console? They can be added in the emulator? Thanks. Update: They are only 19 Good Games. megadriv_rad.cpp
  10. There is a few more in the mechanical folder, but due to be as 2D games i won´t wanna see removed, only if there are not a TV screen. I do now know how screenless this do too. I won´t be any 2D or 3D game too. They are black screen anyways we won´t need it. World PK Soccer for example is a mechanical machine, but due being arcade using tv screen it will be accepted as Arcade Game. Thank you!
  11. There is a few games i don´t considered arcade on this emulator. Exciting Boat Race Speed Basketball If you wanna see go check it out.
  12. Super Rider (v1.3) 1996 is not on mame why? I like this games. King of Football is the same game style and is in there. subsino2.cpp is on arcade, but not subsino.cpp they are both the same company please add. Thanks.
  13. I already report that, you don´t need to do that again, and it's all part of mame devs. I just update the git for adding this annoucement: MAMEUI / ARCADE/ WOLFMAME / GROOVYMAME Thank you.
  14. Confirmed on MAME 0.236 Official Binaries I'm going to send the picture to the github. Done: https://github.com/mamedev/mame/issues/8696
  15. Hello. I just decided to test BGFX on the Arcade Emulator today and i found a bad surprise inside of it. When i was able to change to hq2x - hq3x - hq4x, it appears some bad pixelation on it. lut - black screen pillarbox left and right with horizontal and vertical - invisible with fog xbr-lv2-accuracy-multipass / smart-blur - black screen xbr-lv3-multipass - black screen xbr-mlv4-dilation / multipass - black screen This as been reported before and they are working on it? Last version working: v0.233 I'm testing the latest git 53bc62e commited 3 days ago. Thank you.
  16. Latest git of ARCADE in the source folder option i got one empty.cpp driver and we have many screenless too.
  17. And who possesses the PCB it can´t dumped yet.
  18. This guy have it. I need to wait and see if have it.
  19. Any info about this game for adding on hbmame? Thank you!
  20. I see. It will be added if get working in the future? Thanks.
  21. I just realized that Air Raid is not in this emulator yet. Thanks.
  22. Cabal port for Neo Geo: https://neo-source.com/index.php?topic=3751.msg30942;boardseen#new
  23. Air Raid is missing in mame, but i believe is not working yet.
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