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Raine 0.94.9 : a last 0.94 version...


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18 hours ago, Tux said:

Yeah why not, I wondered also from time to time why it was chosen like this, probably because action replay was very famous at the time of raine creation, but it's quite a different system indeed, they usually use some kind of device... It's done, and this time the region is not broken.

Thank you. I've checked it already in version 0.94.10 and it's fine for me.


18 hours ago, Tux said:

By the way, shouldn't it be "Game commands list" ? It's a list of many commands and not just 1... !

That's a very good question. I guess you named it Commands list, right? I looked for references for how this feature was generally called when I suggested the renaming and incredibly they use it in singular. Take a look:

Capcom vs SNK 2:


Ultra Street Fighter 4:


Street Fighter 5:


Tekken 5:


Tekken 7:


King of Fighters 14:



In Tekken 7 you see that they even use "command history" and also "move list" instead of "moves list", and in Ultra Street Fighter 4 they use "button config", instead of "buttons config". I don't know why they prefer the singular, perhaps it sounds better phonologically in English? Anyway, for that I decided to keep it in singular too to conform with how we see it out there, however weird it might be. The command.dat file also uses "command list" if you open it in a text editor.


19 hours ago, Tux said:

Hehe, sorry but not this time, because there is a difference with the keyboard : if when you move your pad or your stick on the right you are not on an item with multiple selections then the menu scrolls 1 page down, equivalent to page down key. Yeah I guess the scroll down key could be mapped to something else like triggers, we'll think about it, eventually later, but not for now.

Ok, no problem.

I agree with you with remapping the page down to a trigger button so we could keep the full keyboard arrow functions in the d-pad. Perhaps page up in the left trigger or shoulder button, and page down in the right trigger or shoulder button?

Thank you so much for your work once again.

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Posted (edited)

Yeah well don't forget most of these games if not all of them are from Japan so they translate texts to english and so sometimes you get inconsistencies, it's probably not a good idea to always copy from them. But it's a detail you are free to choose here.

Yeah I think the trigger idea is a good idea. When I did the original mapping it was without the controllers concept so I couldn't identify which control was the trigger and so I had to do all the controls with the standard directions, it's not the case anymore... But I didn't want to add yet another input just now, but I 'll probably do it for next time.

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