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  1. @Tux Thanks very much for your work. I known your emulator since 2001 and continue using today ! Have an nice week for you and Raine users .. good luck in your life too.
  2. Thanks for replying and for fixing the bug holding keyboard keys autofire run for few seconds. I will try see the screenshots in download extra. Have an nice week.
  3. Hello Tux. all good with you ? Thanks very much for fixing the appimage version. Now Unibios screen works. I known Raine since 2001 ... If had loaded Scitech Display Doctor was possible more video resolutions configured in Raine. I not remember exactly is as if need dos4gw and in background Bubble Bobble dragon image too. Good memories ... your emulator was much fast. After I had used the windows version and now Linux. About the new 0.95.5 now require the dependencies below libabsl2206 libavif15 libgav1-1 libhwy1 libjxl0.7 liblua5.3-0 libsdl2-image-2.0-0 libyuv0 The new version is more fast. Have you tested the new version ? Your emulator is amazing. Well ... I not understand if you wish add an screenshot area in game list. In game list will be possible choice cartridge or game box images showing in right side for each game. For me is one of few detail to add in Raine ... However Raine is your creation 😃 I only want read about what you think about it. Have an nice week my friend and for Raine users too.
  4. Thanks for replying. Not problem for me if not updating the appimage now. Thanks Tux.
  5. Hello Tux ... all good with you ? Your amazing emulator continue being an great emulator since 2001. Thanks very much for updating the Linux appimage version. For Neo Geo if selecting universe bios 4.0 have error. The universe bios screen is opened when pressing A+B+C+Start , but when doing that command the screen will changed to be totally in blank with sound showing emulation continue after of that bug. Testing is possible start 0.93.4 and load the universe bios screen and configure the settings and after quit Raine saving the universe bios nvram being possible load it in 0.95.3. 0.95.3 will use the universe bios nvram created in 0.93.4 , but need avoid try load the universe bios screen. In file neogeo bios are 000-lo.lo uni-bios4.rom sfix.sfix sm1.sm1 Have an nice week for you and Raine users too.
  6. Thanks very much for making Raine !
  7. about your reply means romset kurikinj was wrong.
  8. Thanks for adding it, but an favorite list is good too. How you say is much time to coding .... perhaps in future.
  9. Possibly Kuri Kinton romsets naming was wrong ?
  10. I known Raine since 2001 and that version only had Taito games. That version had option to change resolution and even game codes. I remember trying play Kuri Kinton with an old version. I not remember if was an version from 2001 or 2002. I had changed anything in dip switch or even enabled an game code. When playing had english language in bosses messages. Only sharing that information. I not see in current version any option to enable english language. Not demanding it. Only trying understand because had changed the game language. Perhaps the game has any memory address to change the language that not was added as option in release ?
  11. "Recent" is an better menu naming.
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