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  1. Augusto

    Raine 0.92.4

    0.92.4 controller d-pad hold issue was fixed. Thanks :)
  2. Augusto

    Raine 0.92.1

    @Tux Thanks very much for your work. Have a issue happening with controllers in 0.92 64. Using PS3 controller. Starting Raine using default inputs both digital pad and analog pad are used in gameplay. The problem is holding digital pad in any direction (up-down-left-right) in less of one second is automatically unholded even continuing holding in same direction.
  3. "In options ! Very hard to find ! "Min font size" and colors, then bg color. The game selection dialog has always had a transparent bg !" I remember using one of first Raine versions and had Bubble Bobble background in main menu. Only remembering.
  4. @mer-curious "The emulator still tries to automatically assign the controls to your game pads, but the assignment is not ideal for many arcade games, especially fighting games, which work better with the d-pad and not the analog stick. Isn't it better to turn this feature off and let the user decide the best mappings for every game or driver?" In fighting games is good having both d-pad and analog ... charge move use analog and other move use d-pad. @Tux The screenshot https://ibb.co/rwftnG4 I had posted about a random issue that autofire config not is loaded and happen graphics errors in the menu to config similar how the screeshot above. I will use 64 bits version to see if the issue happen again. Tested in Lubuntu 20.04.3 using WINE. THANKS !!!!!!!! Raine is fast to startup and load any game. Not more issues when accessing the menu options in gameplay. I not understand if was because the new OpenGL option. Using OpenGL is much more fast and video output have better quality than Raine previous version. I had tested 2 times with a PS3 controller and both d-pad and analog had worked. In third time in same game the analog pad was correct, but the d-pad had changed the positions. left not move, down-up-right was inverted. I not had changed buttons or d-pad ... need use other time because WINE have issues. You want to return the background Bubble Bobble background in Raine ? Selecting background images to choice in Raine background that you like have a good look. Is good see any images from Taito remembering the Raine first versions 😃
  5. "It would be nice to test the opengl "anisotropic filtering", some kind of filtering which is supposed to work better, I am not sure it's good for 2d though, that's the kind of thing which is used in 3d games to make things readable in the 3d world" I remember running MAME with a Radeon HD 3300 enabling anti aliasing. Anti aliasing not is possible for MAME video output , but enabling anti aliasing the colors look better. Trying with a Geforce 600 not has the same result. "And I noticed the display of commands from the command.dat is broken, it's been broken for a few versions actually but nobody noticed" Using Raine 32 current version the menu works. Only is being listed correctly the commands. Have others details not being rendered. Related with https://www.1emulation.com/forums/topic/36571-samurai-shodown-iii-neogeo-cd-soft-dips-glitches/ ? "now the game starts as soon as it's loaded behind the main menu" Thanks very much.
  6. @Tux I known your emulator since the begin of 2000's when the screen had the Bubble Bobble. Speaking about old version I remember using your emulator loading Kuri Kinto. I not remember what PCB version if was USA, Japan or world set being that both sets run using japanese language in MAME. I remember using your emulator changing dip switches and not remember exactly if had enabled any game code ... Kuri Kinto had used english language in gameplay. I remember when the bosses messages being in english. After was released Raine new versions and doing the same actions not was possible run the game with english language. That game not have dip switches to change language region in MAME. Only sharing the information above. I use for a long time thus I use for some games MAME and for others your emulator. I had posted in Retroarch about your emulator being accurate and will be good see a Raine libretro port for users wanting use Neo Geo and other machines in Retroarch. Very good see Raine running over WINE. About all above in your topic I not understand if is possible add cubeb in your SDL sound code. Not demanding, but cubeq sounds very good.
  7. Thanks very much for explained because Raine32 is the main release. Now using Raine 32 bits thus not will be possible figure the issue if only happen in 64 bits version.
  8. Any chance to allow map "up down left right" for both digital pad and left analog at same time ? Help very much with some games :😃
  9. Thanks for your reply. Closing the emulator using emulator menu quit and not closing window or ALT+F4. That bug is random. I post here a screenshot if happen again the issue.
  10. After loading a neogeo game if configuring in Inputs \ Autofire Player 1 A-B-C-D to example 15 fps to any key and starting the game the autofire settings works. In a random next time starting Raine32 loading the neogeo game configured with autofire will has one or two autofire buttons missing not working in gameplay and not being displayed in configuration menu Inputs \ Autofire. Example loading a neogeo game only button B-C-D had loaded the autofire settings and the button A not is displayed in menu Inputs \ Autofire. In some times when moving inside the menu Inputs \ Autofire happen issues in menu exactly how is explained in the link below and others autofire settings has wrong fonts, but the loaded autofire continue working in gameplay. https://www.1emulation.com/forums/topic/36571-samurai-shodown-iii-neogeo-cd-soft-dips-glitches/ Is random when will be next start up Raine emulator happening that issue. That issue happen in Raine since previous versions before 0.90.
  11. Augusto

    Raine 0.91.21 !!!

    Not is possible run Raine32 using WINE if disabling Opengl blits. The emulator crash in full screen if disabling it.
  12. Augusto

    Raine 0.91.20

    Using Raine current version 32 bits. Neo Geo Gururin have wrong aspect ratio and graphics issues. Neo Geo Cup 98, Super Side Kicks 2 and 3 , The Ultimate 11 have graphics issues in gameplay in field in low screen region. Both 32 and 64 versions have that issue, but in 32 bits are few lines with graphics issues and 64 bits the graphics issues are in much more lines.
  13. Tested Raine 32 Burning Fight and Fatal Fury 3 now works. - Gururin Have the same wrong aspect ratio and graphics issues. -Neo Geo Cup 98 -Super Side Kicks 2 -The Ultimate 11 Have the same zoom graphics issue, but in less area than 64 bits. Only few lines from below have graphics issues. -Pop 'n Bounce Have control issues using unibios. Is possible configure to load a neogeo bios only for a game and all others using unibios ? "Try the 32 bits version, why does everyone prefer the 64 bits version ?" OS 64 bits use more cpu to run 32 bits exes than OS 32 bits, but not big deal because Raine is very fast. I only use 64 bits because look new exe. " Didn't look into your graphic issues, sorry not interested for now ! " Fell free to doing any fixes in correct time for you. Not demanding. Only reporting. Thanks very much for creating that great emulator. Have a nice day.
  14. Using Raine 0.91.19 64 bits tested with both neobios usa-japan and unibios 4.0. - Burning Fight burningf burningfh In begin of stage 1 the game crash. If using unibios is displayed message below Exception Error Handling - Fatal Fury 3 fatfury3 Loaded correctly roms. When selected game start the game not is started being only a black screen without any progress. If using unibios is a red screen. - Gururin wrong aspect ratio and graphics issues. -Neo Geo Cup 98 -Super Side Kicks 2 -The Ultimate 11 both games start correctly, but in gameplay have graphics issues from mid screen to below in field graphics being a detail using zoom effects. -Pop 'n Bounce Controls not work correctly if using unibios.
  15. I like very much Raine. Well ... using dpad and stick in same config is a default for some emulators. Have a nice week.
  16. Raine works with my game controller and allow configure input, but when assign input for up-down-left-right only is allowed one control input for each key. Example up-down-left-right may be assigned to both digital pad and analog control in game controller. Have a nice day.
  17. I use Raine current version in Linux using WINE working correctly. I see a source file for ArchLinux. Where to download Raine compiled for Ubuntu ? Which dependencies are required running for Ubuntu ? The dependencies with same name how windows dll in Raine root folder ? Thanks for your reply.
  18. Fatal Fury and Double Dragon Neo Geo has problems with players sprites. Even disabling or enabling raster effects not fix the problem. Both games had worked fine before 0.64. Thanks for read my post and have a nice day.
  19. Hello Raine creator. In current version 0.64.13 Neo Geo Fatal Fury and Double Dragon has sprites issues. Perhaps anothers with same issue. Thanks.
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