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  1. about your reply means romset kurikinj was wrong.
  2. Thanks for adding it, but an favorite list is good too. How you say is much time to coding .... perhaps in future.
  3. Possibly Kuri Kinton romsets naming was wrong ?
  4. I known Raine since 2001 and that version only had Taito games. That version had option to change resolution and even game codes. I remember trying play Kuri Kinton with an old version. I not remember if was an version from 2001 or 2002. I had changed anything in dip switch or even enabled an game code. When playing had english language in bosses messages. Only sharing that information. I not see in current version any option to enable english language. Not demanding it. Only trying understand because had changed the game language. Perhaps the game has any memory address to change the language that not was added as option in release ?
  5. "Recent" is an better menu naming.
  6. Hello Tux. Raine when starting Street Fighter 2 Hyper Fighting is showed a message about "applied speed hack 4". What is the 68000 clock frequency used for sf2hf ? Thanks for reply.
  7. Hello Tux and Raine users. I see good improvements being done in Raine. Raine has an good game list allowing correct scroll. An Favorites Game List is an good feature. I not understand if is simple to coding adding it. Have an nice week.
  8. Augusto

    Raine 0.93.5

    Linux appimage version not has good vsync without problems. That problem with vsync not is related with adaptive v sync ? Thanks Tux for your improvements in Raine.
  9. Thanks very much for your explanation. You can start Samurai Showdown 2 with "allow speed hacks" enabled. In few seconds in gameplay the game will crash. Several Neo Geo games has slowdowns (KOF97 in few moments is extreme slowdown). Perhaps an overclock feature can help to avoid that type of slowdown and thus having an better gameplay.
  10. "Allow Speed Hacks" not is 68000 overclocking ?
  11. Hello. Neo Geo Options \ Allow Speed Hacks enabled works for some Neo Geo games (KOF97), but break some games (Samurai Showdown 2) at point with wrong sprites and crashes. I need enable and disable when changing games. An feature to allow save "Allow Speed Hacks" for each game fix it.
  12. Today an 14,3 MB not is big, but comparing with win version is an big file size. Not problem for some users. Oh yes is good have an OS updated because avoid problems with dependecies and software are in less size. About analog input I use only for some games not exactly about analog input data. PS3 controller digital pad not is exactly good how was the PS1-PS2 controllers. Having option to configure and use analog and digital pad at same time is good because when you play Metal Slug use the analog pad and KOF in same gameplay use digital pad for somes attacks and analog with characters using charger attacks (move to one side for an time and after to other side with button). Thus not need change all time the player move between analog and digital. Your Raine more recent version allow play with both analog and digital. That's very good 😃
  13. WHAT ? AN AMAZING RAINE VERSION IN APPIMAGE ! Firstly please excuse me for the long time for reply. My previous installed OS had problems (Video acceleration using Mesa CPU acceleration instead Nvidia drivers) thus I had to reinstall all again not having internet access. About your previous replies "then you didn't even try to type make to see how it goes ?" Yes doing make not work showing an error message about not having any make files to compile. "The shaders in raine are from an old retroarch version." Is possible copy Retroarch shaders to Raine ? I will test copying from Retroarch current version. "For info since bionic is the oldest ubuntu in existence, it uses some very outdated packages by default, so I compiled manually sdl2, sdl2-image, and sdl2-ttf, the rest comes from the apt bionic repository." Have softwares only available version for Ubuntu bionic thus need search dependencies only released for bionic and after installing in Ubuntu 20.04. The software works. YOU HAVE DONE AGAIN ! Only to share memories, not demanding. I known you emulator since 2001 (DOS version running in W9X) and remember having Bubble Bobble player characters in background. One or other .. Had option to change the screen resolution or require install Scitech Display Doctor. I remember how was fast your emulator. After an long time not using computers for gaming. After 2010 had played again an Raine having an new look (current GUI version). I want play using both digital and analog controls at same type, but not was possible. Had anothers emulator allowing use both digital and analog controls in input config, but even thus I had continued using Raine because I like it and about your replies in forums. I like also Retroarch, but not want play some systems if the core not is Raine. That's the explanation because I had posted about an libretro Raine core. Retroarch have alternatives, but Raine will continue being my choice. Thus being Raine will continue being more choice for some systems. Recently you had added analog and digital controls in input configuration. Amazing feature. All is good for windows users, but Linux not had Raine version. Here Raine was possible if using WINE. Is more time to emulator load and performance is fast. I had tested the Raine previous appimage both 32 and 64 bits and not had worked, but the final version 64 bits works ! Not tested 32 bits version. I have tested running samsho2 and kof98. Not crashes or etc. Run fast. Need configure borderless no. If borderless is yes the screen is rendered size downscaled to 25 % of the 1366X768 screen. Shaders are working. THANKS VERY MUCH !!! NOW YOUR AMAZING RAINE RUN IN ANY LINUX VERSION ! HAVE AN NICE WEEK.
  14. Thanks very much !
  15. Using Lubuntu (Ubuntu with LXQT) 20.04.3. Downloaded the source from http://raine.1emulation.com/download/install.html PKGBUILD need makepkg. Makepkg is an Arch Linux tool. Not makepkg download for Ubuntu. The compiling files not are for Ubuntu. You say "need to edit the makefile and uncomment NO_ASM = 1" and reading the makefiles not need edit because is uncommented NO ASM. Trying copy the "raine" from bin to share/raine and not work. I not understand if you have used Retroarch for few previous versions. Retroarch current version allow cores to use several options with own core menu if the user need tweak settings. Is allowed the core to use or change default video driver to own compatible video driver for example if the user have configured video to vulkan and the core not use vulkan when starting the core will change the video driver to an compatible. Retroarch use SDL. Have cores with several menus changing how Retroarch use inputs and which BIOS, video, sound and others settings. Raine need BIOS configuration, cpu speed hacks and more few others settings. Video scaling, aspect ratio, filters and sounds filters are done using Retroarch internally. Is possible an Raine core having all required options. Ubuntu and some others PPA repositories not have Raine =( I not understand if is simple port Raine to Retroarch, but is the solution for users and also for others systems running Retroarch (PS2, PS3,PSP, mobile phones and others devices with slow cpu) because Raine is very fast and Retroarch only use MAME and another CPS1-CPS2-NeoGeo emulator and how MAME current version have slow performance in "old" devices is created an core using an extremely old MAME build. I have in moment downloaded some tools to convert the pkgbuild to Ubuntu and see problems at point to continue running Raine using WINE. I only want see if have an solution to run Raine without WINE and also seeing Raine running in Retroarch is the best solution and spread your emulator to others users having Playstation 2 or 3. I use Retroarch and need say the systems Atari 5200 (A800), 7800 (ProSystem), 3DO (Opera) and Jaguar (Virtual Jaguar) having errors. Atari 7800 and Jaguar are cores using old emulator versions, but have anothers emulators (A7800 and Phoenix) with accurate and fast performance that not have an Retroarch libretro core. I not understand if Neo Geo also is in list because I only use your emulator since an long time.
  16. I had downloaded the source code and compiled, but after Raine need dependencies. Not information about which are and also I had done a command that list all dependecies for an softwares and had installed the listed dependecies. Even thus Raine not had worked. I will try again. I have done an search with not results about Raine builds. You known any unofficial builds to say here ? About libretro core was more to spread your emulator to Retroarch users. I use Retroarch, but if not have any core using your Raine I not want use Neo Geo or other system there. I use your emulator for an long time thus is my choice. Again I not understand if is complex to port Raine to an libretro core since video and sound interfaces are pointed directly to Retroarch and not to OS plataform. Retroarch is the solution for Linux users. Thanks very for your reply and have an nice day.
  17. Thanks very much for your reply. I will use now the 64 bits mainly for see if happen any errors and if yes I will report. For some machines your emulator will continue being my choice, Again thanks very much doing your amazing Raine.
  18. Your emulator is very good for Neo Geo and others systems. I not understand if is simple create an Raine libretro core thus running in Retroarch. Very good seeing Raine running in Retroarch thus avoiding use WINE in Linux systems. Thanks for read.
  19. Hello Tux. I known your Raine emulator since 2001. You had replied about the Raine 32 bits being the main version. Why Raine 32 bits is the main version ? 32 bits version emulation is more accurate, stable or fast than 64 bits ? Thanks for read. Have an nice week.
  20. I only need avoid open the second menu and the autofire works without problem. I only want report the strange changes in menu and autofire not working when happen that issue. KOF is good using autofire for some characters. Have an nice week.
  21. When autofire work the menu is exactly how image 1, but when autofire is broken the autofire menu is shown how image 2. Even if seems that two images are same trying changing autofire setting when the menu is how image 2 autofire not work.
  22. @Robert Thanks for hidden, but excuse me the correct reply to remove hidden is the previous "Please Tux you can remove that reply ? I had click to post and strangely had posted 2 times. " The second post in sequence not is to be removed hidden because have an image shared to Tux. Please if possible allow second post to be viewed.
  23. Please Tux you can remove that reply ? I had click to post and strangely had posted 2 times.
  24. I had to create another reply because the previous not was possible add 2 images in same reply.
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