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Question about the cheat function in Raine


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28 minutes ago, ffman1985 said:

The result is more obvious in training mode during character select.

Well I tested, and I am not really convinced, you see the effect of rnd(), the %Misc varies now, but it's not really faster...

I return to the normal script for now... (I prefer stable numbers which can be read easily, and the numbers are < 10% even in debug mode here, so it's not worth something like that).

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36 minutes ago, ffman1985 said:

It can help to reduce the misc % in my beginning test. However, when I try again without power supply plug into my laptop, the misc % is very high. I don’t know why.

I guess without power supply your frequency is lowered to save power, and everything slows down, all easily.

Tower here, so stable, but running by default à 1.5 Ghz, the frequency increases only if the cpu load average increases, and raine stays very low on the low average usually, even with your script running it stays at 1.5 GHz.

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