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MESS, MESSUI and MAMEUI 0.248.0 FINAL are released.





These are the last releases of these emulators. I've decided to close these projects. If anyone wants to continue with any of them, grab the source from github while it's still there. Don't ask why this has happened.

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There's been a few ppl asking about getting the code. It's being uploaded as an archived repository now.

There's conditions though:

1. Wait for the "archived" mode to appear, otherwise downloading early means you'll miss out on some files - your download will be corrupt.

2. At the end of October it is planned to be deleted again, this time for ever. Same applies to the MESSUI repo.

3. If you decide to work on it, I cannot help you. You're on your own (or find a knowledgeable friend).

4. If you succeed, I will not host it. I don't want anything more to do with it.

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