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MESS, MESSUI and MAMEUI 0.244 are released.





MESSUI has had all the MESS systems added back, except those that freeze or crash. After this, the major reason for crashes will be the use of unacceptable floppy disk images which instead of giving a harmless message, can bring the whole thing down. Unfortunately this behaviour is outside of my control.

Also, there's been the occasional request for GCC 10.1, which it seems has generally become unavailable. I've added a download link on the above sites for you to get 10.1 should you wish to compile your own MESSUI, MAMEUI or HBMAMEUI. The command-line MESS or HBMAME should (in theory) build with the current mamedev GCC 11.2 .

We don't recommend anything later than the mamedev GCC, as there seems to be some strange bugs in the newest versions.


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