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HBMAME 0.242 released


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What's new in HBMAME

2022-03-30 0.242

Added various older Donkey Kong hacks by Paul Goes.
Fixed playchoice-10 games that had regressed over the years.
Fixed umk3plus20190921.

New Games
- [dkwizard]            Donkey Kong Wizardry v1.02
- [kof2k2s121]          Kof2002 (KofallmiXomega)
- [sf2hfus05]           Street Fighter II': Hyper Fighting (Ukraine version)
- [sfz3mix]             Street Fighter Zero 3 (Mix 0.08)
- [sfz3mix7]            Street Fighter Zero 3 (Mix 0.07)
- [sfz3mix7b]           Street Fighter Zero 3 (Mix 0.07b)
- [teot_5]              The Eye of Typhoon (Tsunami Edition, beta 2. 2022-01-29)
- [teot_6]              The Eye of Typhoon (Tsunami Edition, beta 3, 2022-03-12)
- [umk3plus20220307]    Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (Plus Beta 2, 2022-03-23)
- [umk3uk20220302]      Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (UC Edition 2022-03-02)


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Bug found.

Kof2002 (KofallmiXomega) - When i open the game, the memory encrease to 5GB and freeze the emulator.

Found it in the Task Manager.

2 files need to be redumped.

kof2k2s121  : 265k2s58.c7 (8388608 bytes) - NEEDS REDUMP
kof2k2s121  : 265k2s58.c8 (8388608 bytes) - NEEDS REDUMP


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11 hours ago, Robert said:

If that had happened, I wouldn't have added the game.

1.0%, 455.1 MB, 0, 0, 10.3%

works fine.


I made a clean hbmame now and it seems is working fine now.

But very slow loading... my memory goes 71% with 5 699,3MB

KOF 99 goes 49% with 2 699,3MB

1942 goes 25% with 52,7MB

I can´t run the games now on a window screen only fullscreen even tick the option on. :mellow:

The only way to fix this i need to compile my own emulator on my own system, this happens as well to supermodel 3 versions too. It doesn´t look so stable to me. I wait for next version. 

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