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Raine 0.93.3 : the unplanned version... !


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Yeah, annoyed by a nasty thread bug in 0.93.2 for those who installed without a previous config file, so here is a fix.
Not a few changes except that, 0.93.2 was only 2 days ago, but :

 - curl should now know how to download a parent set when needed (not totally sure it will work all the time, but it should).
 - A fix for the sound dialog which got some strange strings inside when you tried to change the driver

 - And all the rest are memory leak fixes, most of them harmless, but the file selector leaked quite a lot of memory and I hadn't noticed, since it's not used very much it was not a very big deal, but still it's better like that. these fixes are thanks to https://sourceforge.net/projects/memwatch/

Notice that this annoying bug could be worked around by simply quitting raine once using the quit command so that it writes its config file, so it was not so disastrous, but here is the fix anyway... !


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