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Raine 0.92.4


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2 hours ago, _MADrigal said:

That's really good to see you back in action!

Unfortunately I have bad news. Tested the latest 64-bit build of Raine on my Windows 10 x64 and none of the DX versions of the game work. The emulator closes automatically with no error message. I have placed the .dx files in the same folder as the raine executable.

I am happy to help with some beta-testing if you tell me how to (eg can generate and send you a logfile if you can tell me how to do it)

Eager to try the DX games on this new Raine!

Don't worry it's been fixed on december 31st already, but it's a slow time for now, hesitating between a few options, so finally except hesitating I haven't done much since January 3rd ! Oh well, I'll release a new binary so you'll get the fixes for that.

For info, I talked with Mike about the 1st screen of donkey kong (when you insert a coin) and a few other things too. What there is now is not optimal, because all the game sprites are not available in the dx version so I can't draw what I want on screen. I think the best option is to revert to the emulated graphics just for this screen, and start the emudx game only once kong is at the top of the ladders and has jumped. But I didn't do it yet, so you'll get the "in between" version, with ladders drawing and disappearing while kong is climbing, really not optimal... And galaxian sound too...

Anyway !

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2 hours ago, _MADrigal said:

Thanks,  good news :)

For some reason I was not notified of your response - I apologise in advance if I miss to reply to your posts in the future.

mail notification ? It probably arrived in your spam folder. Try to find it there, use the button to tell it's not a spam and next time it should work...

By the way the forum also displays a kind of popup if you leave a window open on a subject to tell you a new reply has arrived, it's not a window popup though, you have to display the forum's window to see it.

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