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  1. I don't think the comparison to Squaresofts RPGs that time is fair. The goal was a very different. The NeoGeo hardware was so widely popular all over asia, SNKs beat em up games had such a huge success. I can remember having the awesome Virtua Fighter 3 and Scud Race machines standing unused around, but the people crowd around King of Fighters machines. Specifically I saw it in Thailand and Malaysia how damn popular that SNK games were, even after year 2000 it didn't stop. I think that phenomenon of the NeoGeo also appeared with games like Daytona USA, which was strangely also so extremely popular over 20+ years or Starcraft being also unbelievably popular in asian Internet cafes like forever. The NeoGeo couldn't compare to the hardware of a PC or Playstation, so nothing in that extend could be expected. The popularity of the Samurai Spirits characters and games feeling was probably supposed to be used to promote the selling of the NeoGeo CD hardware. But it seemed that creating an RPG game wasn't as easy as producing a yearly re-run of King Of Fighters with just recycling most game content. I think they rushed production of the game and the limited copies produced had been affected by the weak market share of the NGCD and SNKs general problems. I mean I was excited to buy it as a japanese import of Samurai Spirits, so there were surely many. I also had Final Fantasy 7 for Playstation and Windows, but it didn't hook me for that long, I even didn't want to play FF8 afterwards. I loved Chrono Trigger, I loved Mario RPG, I loved Secret of Mana, and I loved Samurai Spirits RPG, but the 3D Final Fantasys were just not what I expected. Sometimes its also just what a newer generation doesn't understand, that a game worked just at that time, but today not. I still have Cham Cham as my phone wallpaper, you just love the characters. But on my desktop and laptop I have wallpapers from new games also, like Neo Monsters, which has really awesome artwork designs, so I'm not that nostalgic. As for the emulator for Android, I got it running nicely with Retroarch and NeoCD core, that's really excellent stuff. Android emulation isn't limited to phones or touchscreen, I can run Retroarch on other Unix based arm systems like FireTV stick or Raspberry Pi. I even can run emulators on my Android based car media device playing with a bluetooth gamepad. I was used to play an emulator on my PC, playing with my gamepad on a big screen. Times have changed in many ways.
  2. Awesome stuff, thanks to your emulator and to the people working on that translation, I can finally play that game again in English. I completed it in 1997 in Japanese without understanding one word and with huge loading times. I didn't think that it would be possible within my lifetime. I played it a while ago for a few hours with Retroarchs on the fly OCR feature, but that was just not the same. Which emulator you recommend for Android system to play NeoGeo CD while not at home? I'm sure Raine doesn't work on arm architecture.
  3. PKGBUILD working perfectly on Arch, thanks for the update.
  4. I have nothing much to say, just my usual 1000 thanks for your awesome continues work on Raine and 0.94.12b is compiling nicely under Arch.
  5. alocacoc

    Raine 0.94.6

    Thank you for your continuous effort, its highly appreciated. Compiling nicely under Arch like usual.
  6. alocacoc

    Raine 0.93.5

    Info: 0.93.5d compiling nicely in Arch Linux with your provided pkgbuild. Thanks for your dedicated effort.
  7. alocacoc

    Raine 0.93.1 !

    0.93.1a installing fluently under Arch with your provided pkgbuild. Thank you Tux.
  8. alocacoc

    Raine 0.92.4

    I can just confirm like usual that the pkgbuild compiles nicely under Arch. Thanks for your hard work.
  9. alocacoc

    Raine 0.92.1

    Just info, Raine 0.92.1-1, 64Bit version, installs nicely from the PKGbuild in Arch. Great work.
  10. PKGBUILD for 0.91.18 works flawlessly on ARCH, great work Tux.
  11. Compiling flawlessly (32Bit), very nice work. To install both don't seem to be an advantage for me. I just thought about to test the differences side by side. If I understand correctly, the 32Bit version got most code in assembler (faster?) and the 64Bit version in C/C++ (better portable to other architectures?). But since there is no hardware hungry game supported anyway, I think its both exactly the same for me. Thank you again for your extremely fast support and your dedication to this emulator.
  12. Both version fail to build with this message: ==> Entering fakeroot environment... ==> Starting package()... install: cannot stat 'config/language/brasil.cfg': No such file or directory make: *** [makefile:1636: brasil.cfg] Error 1 ==> ERROR: A failure occurred in package(). Aborting... error making: raine not sure what I'm doing wrong here. Is it actually possible to install both versions, 32Bit and 64Bit on one machine? By the way, the maintainer of the AUR packet officially disowned the package yesterday.
  13. I still think the the SNES was one of the best consoles on the market. It didn't only have a high variety of games, but also high quality content. Much better and more than the Sega Mega Drive, if I can call it the times "rivaling" system. On the other hand put the Mega Drive with its 32X and CD AddOns together, they had nice games too. I am still proud of my Multi Mega in my basement, but the ports for both systems are 90% SNES better than MD, the good system exclusives were mainly on SNES. But I don't want to miss any of them. And about ZSNES, everybody has to consider what the PC CPU power could deliver that time to the emulator, and it was few, so ZSNES was really fast and the filter effects like sai or eagle algorithms were impressive and fast at the same time too. Another good point was the option to play games from different locations. I can still remember I had (still have) a US SNES only to play Super Mario RPG, because it couldn't pass a specific point on a PAL SNES with an adapter cartridge. It was an awesome game that time, it still is. You cannot really compare the SNES to the PSP, but the PSP had a very nice advantage, that many companies republished lots of RPG games with an english translation, many of them previously only been japan and japanese language exclusive. Before I had ZINC in an AUR packet, but after they switched the AUR, it was never brought back. It should work on ARCH, but if its useful, maybe not, because you can use MAME, but MAME don't upscale to higher resolution I think, or I don't know how to do. Once I asked to port zinc to libretro, but they said, its posible and maybe even easy, but too much hassle for an outdated emu with better alternatives, and they might be right. VivaNonno played only 2 games, Ridge Racer 2 and rave Racer I think, its development was also used to enhance the code in other emus like MAME I think, also obsolete nowadays, but that time, quite fun to test. Model 2 emulator was an emulator by ElSemi, that could play model 2 games, like Sonic the Fighters. Most other Model 2 games had ports for the Sega Saturn, so they were less interesting for me. This emulator could separate the emulation to multiple cores, like CPU and GPU each to a different core, which was quite useful that time. U64Emu could only emulate the Killer Instinct games, since I only owned the SNES version of KI 1, which was also fantastic, it was a nice emulator to see the much superior arcade version. Yeah, using a hacked source code from a game will work to recompile the game, but legal issues are there like you said. Many games source codes are also apparently very buggy, but I don't want to judge that, since I have no knowledge in this. But one interesting fact I like to mention, in MAME, apart from the audio, the graphic emulation of the Hyper NeoGeo 64 hardware is quite playable since the last update a few days ago. And since a development version of Samurai Spirits 64 was found some weeks ago, which looks really different (the nearer camera make it clip more, but feel much closer to previous Samurai Spirits games I think), I really like to test it once the roms are dumped.
  14. Unfortunately I cannot find the pkgbuild on the download page anymore.
  15. I'm glad you are so dedicaded to Raine. I try to follow the development of all emulators the I make work in Arch, even though I rarely play anything, its just so cool to follow on. And no emulator can be replaced, they are just somehow all unique. Lets imagine ZSNES, I just start it sometimes to see the water effect in the GUI for a moment and remember the times when I used the emu so many years ago. Or other old obsolete emus like Zinc, VivaNonno or U64Emu to play Killer Instinct and other arcade games that time was just very nice. I even miss some Windows emus, like Model2 emu, but no, no Windows anymore please. Sorry to bore you all, just having some memories.
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