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  1. Thank you for your detailed research. I contacted the package maintainer to fix it and gave him the link to this forum to find the information you provided to us. I feel its better he fix it in the main pkgbuild for everybody, rather I fix it only for myself. I'll post a message here once its working with the official pkgbuild. Thank you so much.
  2. Dear friends, I tried to use Raine on my Arch Linux machine. I use the latest AUR 'raine' packet and it installes just fine. I can start the emu and play games like Street Fighter II or other CPS games without any problem. But NeoGeo and NeoGeoCD titles crash. Some crash very fast quickly after the bios boot, some crash, like Samurai Spirits IV, after you choose your fighter. They always crash at a quite similar point in the game. Firstly I thought they crash once playing a certain audio sample, but I'm not sure. The interesting part is, the exact same bios/roms/images work well on the Windows Version of Raine. Any clue could be helpful, I might miss something like a libary, but I don't know. Thank you
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