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[Eliminate Music Cuts in Raine]

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The intention here is to put the complete songs in the games that contain them in a summarized form to run in the Raine emulator.
Hello everyone! I recently picked up the Z80 study book. However, I think it is too much content for something simple. I would like some solution to eliminate the exchange of music during the rounds in games like The King of Fighters 95, 96, for example. The Raine Emulator is able to keep the song while loading through the option "Sound Options -> Awiays stop CD music while loading", however, when the round starts, another track starts without continuing the full song and interrupting it. Does anyone know about any solution?

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Hello! I believe this has to do with the way the games were programmed probably due to RAM limitations of the NGCD system. SNK also did this for all KOF ports for PS1 (I don't know about the Saturn ports, maybe they work differently because of the additional RAM cartridges). I suppose you would have to change something in the game to avoid this track changing between the rounds. 🤔

Alternatively, you could use the sound associations option in Raine to play the MVS/AES versions with the arranged sound tracks from the NGCD ports. That way you would have the best graphics (no sprites cut) and the best sound with non-stop tracks between the rounds. I suggested the inclusion of this feature in Raine some years ago mainly because of this limitation of the CD versions, as I am a KOF fan. But my idea came from the Nebula emulator, which introduced this feature back in 2005 if I'm not wrong. Since Nebula is over a decade no longer updated, Raine is the only emulator maintained in which you have this feature as far as I know.

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Thank you for answering. I will do some tests on the version of Raine for now, as I like its fluidity in the emulation and use it with 2x / hq2x / 3x rendering. I will do tests with MVS.
Note: I use 0.63.6 for compatibility with some games that require raster like Super Sidekicks and Neo Turf Masters and 1.2.13 for the rest.

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