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  1. Thank you Tux for your reply Nothing in joystick indexes No gamepad in the 2nd column
  2. Thank you Tux and pmc2 for your replies I removed gamecontrollerdb.txt still can't use xbox360 pad
  3. Hi Tux Happy New year! I took a long break from Retro games, and was very surprised by the action on this board in the last months. I downloaded 0.92.6 32 bit and dlls32-0.92x.7z Raine starts and loads roms, but no gamepad with xbox360 pad on windows xp.
  4. Custom audio tracks is a big draw card for anyone who wants arranged music for games, and in my case also want the option to make the music louder, as sound effects can be far too loud in many games. Raine gives a polish to games, that MAME can't give. I hope Tux is still releasing updates years from now. And a big thanks to Tux for what he has achieved so far!
  5. With Street fighter alpha 2 I associated all the music to CD tracks and it is incredible. I included the config and snapshots of the in-raine associations as the two have different info As an example, In raine 11 is rolento's theme, in config it comes out as 11 is Akuma stage. All works fine though, except, Super combo finish in 1st round stops music playing in second round and Ryu's theme 1h does not associate properly. I always get a Super combo finish in 1st round so the second round music stop is killing the enjoyment a lot. games.cfg
  6. I can't take it, this is too exciting! You work fast, thank you!
  7. I've got my copy, of course you already knew that I would be one of the first! This is what life's about, thank you Tux!
  8. This is actually why I came to this board, for any info on this subject. The number of times I have made what seems to be the perfect motion on my pad and the move fails. Then there are the complex moves, sometimes I have a 1 in 10 chance of pulling them off. Like KOF94, with Kings double strike -O O- -O \ | B/D O O if it could be changed to | \ -O x 2 B/D it would be much easier O O A moves editor, to change inputs to whatever you need would be an incredible addition to raine. Or some way of simplifying move commands as with this program softstick mod https://www.nexusmods.com/streetfighteriv/mods/3
  9. I was wondering where Mer-curious went for music, khinsider is where I got my Matrimelee soundtrack from. Will be trying a lot of different music for these games now. I will be grabbing all the KOF arranged music for the games that had no NEOcd releases. I used Audacity to join all the two part songs on KOF99 and removed all the silent parts, the result was spectacular. I could not get over how great that program is. Now it's the best version of KOF99 I ever played. After Mer-curious mentioned khinsider for 2 part song solution will take a closer look at those albums. If Tux added cps2 games that would be mind blowing.
  10. My config file didn't have that loop comment, will try adding that to my tracks. I'm going to try joining songs that are in two parts, to play as one continuous song. In the KOF games the second part of the songs are very good as well. Would be good if you could associate more than one track at a time, for all I know maybe you can? Matrimelee seems to be another NEO game that can't have it's music replaced, I spent a long time trying but got no result. Just to clarify, I mean with the CD versions of the songs as a lot of the music is excellent already on that game. Thanks to mer-curious, I know about this feature, and a big thank you to Tux for creating raine.
  11. The config file from Mer-curious was extremely helpful, thanks. What put me off when I first tried, was the fact that the sound can go silent if you make changes while game is running. So you load up the game and make the associations then run it. Tux you outdid yourself on this, it's a remarkable feature. The only problem now, is the WAV files won't loop in stage, even though loop is selected. I take it Tux you have looked at doing this for capcom games, but ran into complications? Street fighter alpha 2 & 3, forgotten worlds, mercs and so forth, would be a joy to play with this feature. And a big thanks to Tux for still doing this.
  12. I've been wanting to do this for many years, can someone provide more information on this, thanks.
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