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[Eliminate Music Cuts in Raine]


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1 hour ago, mer-curious said:

I didn't know Matrimelee associations was broken. It would be great to fix it because the arranged soundtrack is awesome! 🤩

Actually it was something super minor, just the 0 command which should be ignored and was badly interpreted, the other games like kof98 just didn't use this. It was less than 1 line of code to add, but I added some comments !
for cps2, the concept is interesting, but I miss the courage now, I keep the idea though... !

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I was wondering where Mer-curious went for music, khinsider is where I got my Matrimelee soundtrack from.

Will be trying a lot of different music for these games now.

I will be grabbing all the KOF arranged music for the games that had no NEOcd releases.

I used Audacity to join all the two part songs on KOF99 and removed all the silent parts, the result was spectacular.

I could not get over how great that program is.

Now it's the best version of KOF99 I ever played.

After Mer-curious mentioned khinsider for 2 part song solution will take a closer look at those albums.

If Tux added cps2 games that would be mind blowing.

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It's released as 0.91.16.

A few notes for cps2 : music detection is still quite experimental, it seems to work, but I didn't test all the games of course, but I changed the way I was doing it already.
So the current way is on the sound command itself, songs seem to be < $100.

Usually the sound dialog was displaying only a list of songs to test, but here with cps2 the list of songs is unknown, so it allows you to type directly the number of the song to test, but it's better to go in game to the song you want first, and then open this dialog, it should point to the song currently playing.
Of course absolutely no special effects are supported, it's just bare minimum, song start / song stop when there is another one, that's all.

It's not certain it will work in all cases. For example in sfa2 the music playing on the qsound screen is actually done by 2 songs : 3e in the foreground, followed by 3f which starts just after the 1st one... In this case the dialog points to song 3f of course, I just hope there is no such case during a game but I can't be sure ! The few I tested so far seem ok !

I just realized I probably released too early, the new way to detect songs won't detect the stop song command ! Which means that if you put something looping, it will stop only if there is another association to stop it later ! Oh well, at least it's promising but I probably underestimated the complexity of the thing... The old way works better but only for games following this, and it's not all of them. So it will take some time to find something better sorry !

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With Street fighter alpha 2 I associated all the music to CD tracks and it is incredible.

I included the config and snapshots of the in-raine associations as the two have different info

As an example, In raine 11 is rolento's theme, in config it comes out as 11 is Akuma stage.

All works fine though, except, Super combo finish in 1st round stops music playing in second round and
Ryu's theme 1h does not associate properly.

I always get a Super combo finish in 1st round so the second round music stop is killing the enjoyment a lot.

SF alpha 2 associations 1 r.jpg

SF alpha 2 associations 2 r.jpg


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