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WinUAEX Lite and WinUAEX Amiga Emulator port for XBox v18b13 (new update)


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WinUAEX Lite and WinUAEX Amiga Emulator port for XBox v18b13
by madmab

What is it? A version of WinUAE that has fewer memory requirements. This build is meant for playing Amiga games. ADF, WHDLOAD, CDTV or CD32. The following features have been removed.

JIT, Picasso support and Cat Weasel support. This provides a memory savings of 6,004,731 bytes.

Don't worry there is still a regular version with the same features for the big boys and those who have an amped up xbox.

* The normal version of winuaex is named Winuaex_norm.xbe. If you want to use it just rename it to default.xbe or place it in it's own folder so you can use both!

Note: Make sure you copy the new "Standard CD32.ini" and other controller config files from the emulators "PresetC" directory to your emulators "saves\presetC" directory. Especially if you plan on using CD32 games or the new CD32 Xtras.

* Updated to madmab edition interface CFv1b24. See "Interface Changelog.txt"

* Added ISO and CUE to the default emu filter.

* Added in "About" menu. Utilities -> About.

* Config DB, Synopsis and Action Lists modified to deal with CD images.

* Seems I never enabled the samba code for streaming CDTV and CD32 images. It was never really needed until I improved the CD32 image support.

* Controller configuration "Standard CD32" is now automatically used when selecting a CD32 game with no game configuration. Make sure you copy the new "Standard CD32.ini" file from the emulators "PresetC" directory to your emulators "saves\presetC" directory.

* Controller configurations that changed port 1 and port 2 or the mouse controls were not working properly. Fixed. Be sure to re-copy the "PresetC" folder included into your "saves\winuaex" location.

* I changed the default settings for CD32 (when you select a CD32 game without a configuration) to something that seems to make more games happier.

* Selecting a network shared "CDROM Image" in the game configuration menu was copying the whole CD image over to the xbox. Fixed.

* Modified drive loading code so that it is smarter about finding the images if they were moved to a different location from when the configuration save was made. Useful if you are using someone else's saves or you moved your files.

* setForcedScreenModeSettings was not being called on game start thus preventing global screen override from working properly (amongst other things).

* Endless tweaking of the "Clip Excess Video Borders" code. Just one step closer to pretty good.. :P

* CDDA MP3 track memory is now cleared out on exit of games. Reduces memory load after exiting a CD32 game.

* Fixed issue where going into the "In-Game" menu would sometimes cause the audio buffer from the last played CDDA audio track to play creating an annoying "stuttering" sound.

* Fixed some samba related issues related to mp3/m3u playback and selection from a networked share. Not much point since the mp3 player is currently disabled in winuaex.

* Decreased the size of the CD32 buffer to help with free memory. I matched it with what is used in pcsxbox. Hopefully this won't cause problems.

* Connected the CD and HD LED lights which were for some reason were not hooked up.

* Floppy drives were not disabled when in CD32 mode causing issues with some CD32 games (Flink, etc). Fixed.

* ISO size calculation was off (for some reason) when selecting ISO files. Fixed. This allows games from "unofficial CD32 ports" to work properly.

* Updated the CD32 code.. this should entail the following fixes..

- Wing Commander CD32 runs full speed now.

- Savestates for CD32 now work. (Tested only on Cannon Fodder and Fightin' Spirits)

- Lotus III in Classic Lotus Trilogy now loads

- CD32 CD audio end position detection and signaling, interrupt handling finally implemented, fixes non-looping audio tracks, (for example Brian the Lion), and games that freeze (for example Fightin' Spirit, Base Jumpers). There is one slight caveat with games that rely on the audio end position detection. If for some reason the mp3 is unable to load due to memory issues the games will still hang. So make sure you keep that in mind.

- CD32 CD controller emulation improved, CDXL animations should run more smoothly now, previously emulation couldn't load more than few sectors before CD32's cd driver detected error condition and retried.

- CD32 CD audio moved to separate thread, no more emulator pausing when CD audio starts or track changes (possibly introduces other issues..)

- CD32 CD frame interrupt was not always cleared (Liberation CD32, perhaps others, JIT still needs to be disabled)

- better CD32 audio end detection accuracy, last 1s was cut previously

* Current Issues *

- Some CD32 games with large mp3 track will not load the track properly (depends on free memory) and as a result the music will not play.

- CD32 savestates don't always work. Sometimes the game will hang when it goes to access the CD. So be careful!


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winuaex_v18b14 fixed xbe
by madmab


Error on my part... Seems while I was testing the addition of the new drive loading code I did not try it with cd32 images.... lol.gif: I only tested on floppy and whdload / whd images.

A fix is forthcoming.

Here it is... XBE only

this is for both normal and lite versions.



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Wow that's cool!!!! Thanks i'm new world of xbox, so where found 3D Box art and video preview to put in this emu???

Thanks :-)

there were some amiga cd32 xtras released i think this link beelow will give you amiga cd xtras.


but this is the xtras starter pack that was released for amiga a while back.


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Thanks, but I see this function in other emulators and wanted to know if there is a guide because I wanted to record them for the emulator megadrive :-)

basically the xbox plays a video format called xmv,you should ask over at emuxtras because i am sure a member over there called sppv released an app for converting wmv format to xmv format.

or you could just download the megadrive xtras which has all the videos already.

you can get all or most of the xtras from this site.


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