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  1. Thanks, if i want rename a game on Game List.txt? like Bee Storm - DoDonPachi II (V100) in DoDonPachi II - Bee Storm (V100). It's possible? because don't see the change.
  2. Great work!!! Do you have that skin? Thanks
  3. Thanks, do you know where download Hyperspin Premium? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XyPcixSOEoQ
  4. Thanks, what is the difference between fba and mameox? they have the same romset?
  5. Thanks Bro!!! Can you tell me how to see the snapshots in full list?
  6. Thanks, can you tell me how can i use the neo geo cd?
  7. use win 10 and after press apply on Windows Media Encoder, have error: 0x80004002 interface not supported
  8. Wow, thanks! so, perhaps work gain ground? i like that game hehehe
  9. Thanks, I have a question, wich buttons i'll push for come back to the main dash?
  10. I have a question, when play bor Hyper Final Fight 1 and 2, in the option is locked (2 by mod) but the same bor used in the dreamcast allows me to choose 2 or 4 players, you know how to solve this block in openbor the xbox? Thanks
  11. Hi, i use mednafenx pce v6b13, insert original cd but when launch cd come back main menu... i try iso cd or hu card and work fine, someone can help me? thanks
  12. Hey I recommend to download here: https://back-ups.me/details.php?id=15643 is complete, new games and new snap video sorry don't like so much MAMEoXtras and i hope System 24 work on Hypervision or Final Burn Legends I saw that in this release the file "catver.ini" gground that is included but in the previous one there was....
  13. Hello, I read that the Xbox Games work better on coinops lite 6, even I'm looking to try the lite
  14. Hi, I can replace or create a new "TitleImage.xbx"? there is a program that allows me to insert as a new image and change the name of the game in .xbe? Thanks
  15. Great! @fumanchu!!! So i have i little question, in change default directories, set F:\games\NeoGensPlusGX\media (for all media, artwork, movies etc) E:\Screenshots Go in select games, and i see only the video, no screenshot no box front, - screenshot already taken two - media -> artwork -> box front put inside all with the same name of the game. update: change skin and now appear the front cover... but if save a screenshots in E:\ not appear empty (option are in default for screenshots)
  16. Hey i have a problem with Sega Cd, don't load .cue
  17. Thanks for the info, i try on Hypervison and don't work only: Gain Groun, Tough Turf and Hyper Duel, but work on MAMEoXtras Golden Axe Death Adder on MAMEoXtras I get "error creating DirectSound buffer: 0x8007000E" while on Hypervision works perfectly The only problem is how to create movies of new roms in Hypervisor hehehe
  18. the link not work, it's possible re-up? Thanks. [found a link to the R2 update elsewhere, here if needed; http://www.noobsandnerds.com/forums/index.php?topic=5131.0] thanks. So, rom Gain Ground work fine on MAMEoXtras also other Sega roms, but on hypervision have black screen with this rom.... It's possible upgrade mame of hypervision? Thanks for info and help
  19. yes reboot and always same error, i don't know maybe is update? i'll try prev version .... hey i try now hypervision and have audio....
  20. Thanks, it's possible add new roms??? P.S. Please tell me which button do I push to return the evox dash .... I can't believe that every time I have to turn off the console
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