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Whats up guys


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Same old shit just a different day.


Work eat go to bed and repeat!


Occasionally I do get to go to a concert or two.

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Still working midnights Thurs-Sun...but add on going to College Sept 2 Mon-Thurs. I will have NO free time(or money for that matter) for a year, ugh.


im still thinking about barbering.

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Look for a couch at big lots. Better quality than ikea and pretty cheap to.


I'm working about 16 hours a day everyday. Looking for a new job (because the one I'm managing is really slow right now. And some fraud happened a little while ago that took us for $50K). My boss isn't planning to fire anyone just reduce hours, and I can't really afford to work less hours even with my own business going.


Been focusing on my own business a lot to try and make up for the business I manage. Trying to sell on ebay, unfortunately people don't like to take risks with 0 feedback.


Thats about it though!

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