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Most secure browser for privacy?


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Why the hell would anyone use Firefox 3.6 nowadays?

Because I'm still running Windows 2000 on 0.5GHz Celeron?


Later versions of Firefox will install and run, but they are so bloated the entire machine almost freezes.


Chrome won't install, although I've heard that it will work if you hack the installer.


I have an old version of Opera installed, but it can't even display the Google logo properly.


And, of course, the infamous IE6, which is much less supported than FF 3.6 is, and has major problems with many sites.


I'm curious, how do you avoid viruses? Just yesterday governments across the globe panicked that IE has an exploit that hasn't been patched for the now defunct Windows XP. But you're on Windows 2000... so how do you make sure to keep your system secure?

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You think I'm lying?? Look below and weep (or laugh).


I believed you! I know you're a big fan of that OS. Still don't get though how you can keep your system running secure with it...hmmm... :kramer:

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The lack of sandboxing makes systems with FF more susceptible to infections today, but this shouldn't be source of worry if you browse safely.


Even Internet Explorer is sandboxed nowadays, so you couldnt go wrong sticking with its latest versions nowadays unless you need specific addons or features available only for other browsers.

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I'm getting sick of the misbehavior of Chrome these days...Youtube has been utterly BROKEN for several months, with videos slightly stuttering on my laptop, stuttering badly on my wifes...but playing fine on my beast of a desktop no problem. Fire em up in IE and they work fine...


The whole browser in general is HORRIBLY slow now too. I ditched Firefox for the same reasons, I refuse to use Internet Exploder EVER again for anything but comparison testing, I don't care what they do with it. Not sure where I'll head next for a browser choice...

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The best way to be secure is not to be clicking them links like a moron with tunnel vision. Know your Internets.


If you want privacy, then stuff like Firefox's Ghostery and related Adblock Plus filter lists are a good start. Those should be available for Chrome too, I reckon.

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