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The Official Samurai Shodown 5 Tournament


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Were gonna have a special Samurai Shodown 5 Tournament!

Whoever wins get's a non-profit purchase from our Merchandise @ http://shop.1emulation.com


The most popular one is the new MAME T-Shirt and Cheat To Win with Win At All Costs on the back of both shirts! The person with the most amount of wins get's the special non-profit purchase which saves you $2-$5 on any of the items!


So please record all your winnings and such here. They must be valid!

If it isn't, then your disqualified and you get a little suspension of account by me!


All Kaillera Server Information Can Be Found @ This Link


Start Battling!

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Gee you need to tell me these things before you post them GC :P

Oh well I suck at at SS5 so I'm not gonna participate



Anyways I guess it's up and working now.

So start the tournament and record all your scores here. :D

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