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Do you own a cell phone?



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Do you own a cell phone?


I'm thinking of upgrading mine and was wondering what everyone thought of their's, if you don't own one what ones do you like if any?

Carrier doesn't matter.

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I've got one but it was supplied and paid for by work. They pay the bills too. It's an ancient Nokia.


Speaking of Nokia, they sold off their mobile phone division to Microsoft for $7.2 billion.


That's alotta money!


Is it a old B&W stick phone?

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I purchased a used 32gb Samsung Galaxy Nexus in like... June. Does the job for an outdated device. Running Paranoid Android atm.


On the real tho, for an upgrade I'd look at the Moto X. It's specs aren't flagship standard right now but they're better than sufficient, and the features it comes with are sweet which is why it tops the list as it provides a better, more advanced smartphone user experience than the other devices listed. You might have to wait for the "Moto Maker" customization site as I think its only available for AT&T atm. It is also slated to be released as a Google Play Edition soon for the stock android experience.


The HTC One for its all aluminum unibody chassis and dual front-facing beats audio speakers (among other flagship specs). Definitely go for the Google Play Edition though for stock android experience.


The Nokia Lumia 1020 for its 41 megapixel camera which is insane, that also comes with a snap-on camera grip. The best camera smartphone as opposed to a smartphone camera, forsure.


The Samsung Galaxy S4 is also a solid alternative, can't go wrong. Again, go for the Google Play Edition.


The Nexus 4 is also still one of the top ranking smartphones out there.


iOS7 is a blatant rip of Android and Ice Cream Sandwich/Jelly Bean. They just announced the 5S and 5C that is a cheaper plastic version coming variant colors.

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I have an unlocked Galaxy 551, I bought 2 of them for myself and my wife off Ebay for like $60 each. I'll never understand why people will pay retarded money ($500+) for a phone or think they're getting a "deal" by letting their carrier screw them for 3 more years.

I'm off contract with Rogers for 5+ years now, and they kiss my ass whenever I call with a complaint because they know I can say "Fuck you, I'm walking" because they don't have me be the balls with some stupid contract.

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Im like you cinder like that, dont get spending a shit load of cash on a fecking phone.

Can always get a good second hand one, essentially there is hardly any difference in all the phones out there anyway.

All these folk that say "Omg the new iphone has a red light instead of a blue one!!!!! omgzers!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The fuck!!?

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