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What the hell is this!!!! :D;)


03.12.01 | DC | Premiere: PC virus over Dreamcast play ^


Console plays do not run stably, console plays need Patch, console plays can no viruses spread - or nevertheless? According to GamespotUK the Japanese Dreamcast play studio Marie 1 & 2 from the house KoolKidz spreads the virus "W32.Kriz". And because the Dreamcast disk is PC compatible equipped with Wallpapern and Screensavern, the virus can attack the non removable disk of the PC. :):o

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WOW! I take it back, you can still play online with your dreamcast, I have just been playing Quake 3 Areana, Worms world Party and even Phantasy Star Online!.


All you need to do is use Dreamkey 3, setup your ISP details, the Dreamcast will save them.


After that pop in your Quake 3 Disc, click online play and you will see a list with all of the available arenas!.


I didnt know the servers where still available, but I thought I'd give it a go since I got my new copy of DreamKey.


And not only that I typed this message using my dreamcast!

pso? Can i call bullcrap?


edit: My mistake if you live in a pal region

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yeah he is in PAL region hehe


There is a way to get PSO working in US but not on a large scale, you pretty much patch the image and then if you have a bunch of DCs on a network you can all be together, ive found this patch and it supposedly works but i havent tried it, i really should though.


That virus thing sounds like crap, because from the sense i could get out of it the things that where happening are impossible, you can infect a GD-ROM with a virus, and if you got a virus on the DC as soon as you turned it off it would be gone, also this sounds like it was only happening in Japan if it happened at all.


but i think its complete crap personally because there where impossible things happening there hehe, especially since the GD-ROM ISNT PC compatble and ugh...just so much crap in there hehe

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well thats probably because you bought it used, get a new unopened one and get yourself a valid serial, and if you want, you can by my serial off me because i never registered it :)


or heres a trade idea :blink: get me DC-X and ill give you my Serial :huh:


heh id probably have to give you more than just the serial though...



Just noticed your reply,


The Game I got was actually still sealed, dunno why it wont work, it did work at one point, strange!


Well, DC-X for a serial, hmm... dunno, I only have one and there is no more at the store I got it, hmm, thats a tough one, lol ;)

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