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Installed MacOS Mountain Lion on my PC Laptop this week...

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So if anyone was wondering what the hell happened to me again this past week, I was busy installing MacOS Mountain Lion on my PC laptop. I was successful in creating a fully functional Dual Boot with Windows 7. And I got to say, MacOS is pretty sweet, and I've got it running at full speed and graphics on my lappy. I thought I would never say that :lol: ...


First and foremost, the video editing and effects programs (Final Cut Pro and Motion) have really streamlined the process of NLE (non-linear editing) and have made it almost too easy to make a professional looking project. Now I know why so many people make short films on YouTube now --- the editing process is easier than ever, especially for a Mac user. This also is further confirmed with audio editing (i.e. Garageband, Logic Studio, etc.).


Second, I am disappointed with the built in security features for MacOS. There has been a rise in Malware that effects both Windows and Mac operating systems and there is disappointingly no built in antivirus for Mac. WTF? We live in 2013 and quite frankly, it's ignorance at its finest. The built-in firewall also sucks -- as it only protects you from incoming connections and doesn't allow you to fully control outgoing connections (ehem, malware).


All in all, MacOS has a pretty amazing built-in multi-desktop feature, and navigation is pretty easy to get used to. The only thing I hate is that since I'm running this on a PC keyboard, the apple key has been replaced with the alt key, and furthermore -- any command that uses CTRL+something has been replaced with APPLE+something. Idiotic.


If any of you are interesting in trying out MacOS on your PC -- it's a pretty complicated process. Even though I've got it running fairly stable on my laptop, kernel panics happen often when trying to boot, and sometimes I have to keep rebooting until I'm in. It also can be troubling trying to find appropriate drivers for hardware that's never been natively used on a Mac. All in all, look for iAtkos if you really want to put your PC skills to the test! :-D

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Wondered where you'd gotten to.


Sounds like you managed to get a good system working there.


For the things I do, windows & dos are the only OS's i've ever needed.

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I been using OSX on homemade Intel's since 10.4 Tiger. Current desktop triple boots into Winblows, Linux or ML . The OSX sure is great it feels like I have my Amiga back but far more advanced OS and hardware. eg. got a GFX card and it fully works 100% (GTX 670)

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Would love to buy a mac book but too damn expensive. Love the audio editing features of Garage Band but alas I am not a rich boy. I instead use Sound Forge and Steinburg Cubase for all my music making editing for windows and it works great for me.

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