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Roll Call! If you're logged in, post here! [March-April 2013]

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Welcome back man! LMAO at your signature image. Either that's new or I never noticed it before.

I will stick my oar into this row call.

It's been a while nerds!!!!!

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Damnit I go through so much effort to get my account back (thanks for the help Robert), only to find most of the regulars are completely gone :(


Man, Fuck FB and Reddit for killing the forums scene. 

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I'm not a member of those things or any of that social networking crap. It's sad how things have changed, but most forums are pretty much dead unless they have something questionable to offer.

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Which is sad, I miss when it was actual communities. Be it here or Zophar's or whatever, it felt like home, you know? You had a reputation and what not with people that are otherwise strangers.

Now it's either "Just people you know IRL but online" or "Bunch of strangers trying to shout the loudest". fuck that. 


Also Get off my Lawn you damn kids!

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