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I just realized... Bambi is the only female currently on 1emulation. It's like we got the Princess or Queen of the emulation scene among us. Now don't put her on a pedestal, but men, be grateful! :-D


BTW, Bambi -- is it possible we can see another pose in the near future? :wink:

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Bambi attacked emsley with a Long Shotgun (28 str) and took off 33!

emsley has 51 HP left!

emsley counterattacks with a Shotgun (19 str) and and misses!

During the battle you stole: 2305 Credits!!!!




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Well aware this is an old topic but I can humbly agree that Bambi is the go to girl here. For everything. She might as well be Queen of Emulation :-D (And what a looker.)

Wish I could look that amazing for photos! :mad: unfortunately my hair is always a mess. Whatever her secret is, she sure is rocking (Or maybe she's born with it...!)

Now to disappear into the night. :lookaround:

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