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  1. Well aware this is an old topic but I can humbly agree that Bambi is the go to girl here. For everything. She might as well be Queen of Emulation (And what a looker.) Wish I could look that amazing for photos! unfortunately my hair is always a mess. Whatever her secret is, she sure is rocking (Or maybe she's born with it...!) Now to disappear into the night.
  2. Hello I'm...pretty much brand new here lol. I go by the moniker of Ghostie both on youtube (GhostsAreCool which is my...very first account there, and also on TheEngagedGamers youtube page, where I sometimes play video games with my fiance'. We're both still pretty young in terms of a Lets Play channel.) But you can also call me Sam. Full name being Sami, but I just usually go by Sam since...most people assume that when they hear Sami it must be a nickname. It's totally not. I promise I'm a girl, I'm very heavy deep in anime (though when it comes to finishing anime I am a n00b. Same with
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