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NeoCD SDLX v1.01 - Stretched/Distorted?

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As you guys know, NeoCD SDLX exists in three flavors for the Xbox:


v1.00 - original, by Lantus

v1.01 - some fixes, adds 480p/720p display modes

"Unleashed" - adds ISO support, seems to be based on v1.00 of the normal emulator


What kind of blows my mind is that by adding a 720p display mode to v1.01 (based on dashboard settings), the emulator will always be 'stretched' on a widescreen display. This makes the 1.01 version kind of worthless, and I have to stick with 1.00 version or the "unleashed" version, without the bug fixes. The 1.00 version displayed the games in native 4:3/non-widescreen, so there was no stretching.


Is there any way to get v1.01 to display in standard 4:3 without changing my dashboard settings?


I really like this emulator because I can run my retail Samurai Spirits 1/2 disks in my Xbox.

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Obviously I haven't seen the source, but it seems like it wouldn't be a huge deal to just turn off that functionality. Since NeoCD SDLX is still very useful for a specific purpose (running retail Neo CD games), maybe he'd be open to a quick release. I'll PM him at NeoSource if I can.

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