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How to convert SPC (SNES Music) into Mp3

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1. Get the SNES Plugin for WINAMP (www.winamp.com) and a Wav - Mp3 Converter (i.e MusicMatch Jukebox or other)


2. Go to your favorite emulator/game and save the SPC


3. In Winamp Press Ctrl + P (preferences) and go to Plugins/Ouput. Select Nullsoft Disk Writer (Configure it !!!)


4. Play the SPC song (You shouldn't hear anything and the track is playing too fast)


5. Change the Plugins/Ouput to your default (Or any song that you play will be converted to Wav)


6. Convert the wav file to mp3


7. If you have MUGEN, you really need this to put excelent themes to your battles (I.e : The Street Fighter or Killer Instinct songs)


NOTE : You can add effects to your WAV file, like winamp equalizer or any DSP plugin, the Nullsoft Disk Writer Plugin converts exactly as you hear the song)


I know, there are another ways, but I think that is very great because like I explined above, You can add some effects




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You can also refer to this page for help with converting SPC to WAV, it has screen shots:



Also, note that the disk writer feature is not exclusive to SPC. It can convert anything WinAmp can play to WAV, including other forms of extracted video game music (NSF, GYM, PSF, HES, etc).

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Just a note for all us Linux users out there...


This same method works well with the Linux 'equivalent' of the software.


I used XMMS to output WAV files and SoundConverter to encode them to mp3 to play on my mp3 player!


The method is almost identical and works great.


Thanks for the tips.




p.s. - the OpenSPC plugin for XMMS works great for me on my IBM Thinkpad A22e with Ubuntu Dapper.

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