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  1. Cool, that's all I needed. I wanted to direct people to the Romsterhub, but I'd rather post a link to a website or a forum rather than just post the hub address just in case you change the address or post an important notice.
  2. Hey Sane, does that hub you posted have an official website or forum?
  3. Alright. Thanks, Agozer! I feel comfortable enough with the information to create a new section in my site about hubs. Can I PM you when I finish it? I would like you to look over it to make sure I've gotten all my hub facts straight.
  4. Yeah, http://donut.parodius.com/ is considered the best place to go to for English patches and up-to-date translation news. Many times they post a certain set of news like 2-5 weeks before Zophar's Domain or other emulation sites post it. FantasyAnime is a good place to go to if you're unfamiliar with the better fan translated SNES RPGs, for they have created nifty little shrines for most of them: http://www.fantasyanime.com
  5. I could be mistaken, but I believe you're talking about Blaster Master (NES) and Boy and his Blob (NES).
  6. You can also refer to this page for help with converting SPC to WAV, it has screen shots: http://www.audiotoolsdirect.com/winamp.shtml Also, note that the disk writer feature is not exclusive to SPC. It can convert anything WinAmp can play to WAV, including other forms of extracted video game music (NSF, GYM, PSF, HES, etc).
  7. The SNES Tactics Ogre translation has been idle for over a year. Here is the translation project's homepage: http://todotradus.com/wakdhacks/ This was the last update: "Graduation is over and it is now time for me to look for a job. I am sorry for the lack of updates, but I have been very preoccupied with finding jobs and a place to live. Because of this, Tactics Ogre will remain idle until I am situated. If possible I will see what DarkForce can do, but don't expect much progress in the next month or two. I will update the site as soon as my status changes."
  8. From what I've experienced in other emulation communities, Nestopia is the most popular NES emulator and FCE Ultra is the 2nd most popular.
  9. Thank you for replying. I see, so this hub thing is a type of file-sharing network. Okay, so people need to download a DC++ client and set up servers via Public Hubs. I have some more questions. - Is this Emu Rom Hub at emu.servegame.com server the only one that contains TG16-CD ISOs? Is there perhaps a list somewhere with all of the TG16-CD ISO servers? - Are there any servers that have Sega CD ISOs? - Where are the rules you spoke about? Does DC++ prompt you the rules when you connect to a server? - A minimum amount of shared files in gigabytes..? Does that mean people need to already have a decent collection of TG16-CD ISOs in order to participate? If so, do they -have- to be TG16-CD ISOs? Could they be ISOs for other systems? - I know for a fact that people will have trouble with this. Do you know of any forums or any other helpful resources that I can direct people to for help?
  10. Hi, I maintain that fantasyanime.com site you linked to previously. I have some questions. I am unfamiliar with your topic of conversation about the hubs and their ability for you to download TG16-CD ISOs. Can you please give me an explanation about it and how people would go about setting themselves up for it? And if I may, I would like to post this information in my website so that others can be enlightened. I don't care for this for my personal sake (I already own all those games), but this hub thing sounds like a wonderful free alternative for others who don't want to fork up the cash to purchase the games through online auctions or $$$ emu sites.
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