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  1. I found this info sufrfing the web ( http://fuego.red32.net/~mature/moregames/v...topic.php?t=565 ) I don't know if is true but I put here kof2k3 decripted = 38mb packed kof2k3 encripted = 80mb packed name kof2k3nd.zip and kof2k3.zip ----------------------- kof2003 p1=4M P2 = 8MB P3 = 1MB C rom = 6x16MB 96MB V = 16MB P1+P2+P3+C+V = 125MB ----------------------- rom dumped!!! S1 bad dump M1 bAD dump P1 dump OK P2 dump OK C1 dump OK C2 ? C3 ? C4 dump OK C5 dump OK C6 dump OK C7 dump OK C8 dump OK v1,v2,v3,v4 dump ok
  2. Hi Anybody knows if King of Fighters 2003 is dumped and ready for download in the web? Thanks Damalux
  3. Hi Many people want to run Metal Slug 5 in NeoRage X ECGC Final To do this, just download the correct patch (mslug5_p1) that fixes the problem Universal Metal Slug 5 p1 Remember to update de Metal Slug 5 ROM Zip file with this new archive The patch also works in Mame, Nebula and Win Kawaks Ok See ya Emuadicts!!! Damalux®
  4. Hi Anybody knows if is any emulator for the Hyper NEO GEO 64? I found in the web the dump of Samurai Spirits 64 but where is the emulator? Thxs Damalux
  5. Hi!!! I found this jewel Neo Rage X ECGC Final This version emulate ALL the Neo Geo Roms (Including SNK vs CAPCOM) without modifications to the original ROM file I tried to emulate MSLUG5 and Samurai Shodown 5 and voilá: works excellent!!! Also Crouching Tiger 2003 works This emulator need a key, as a gift I put here: Name= HappyASR Key = A220-CC87-5884-0F96
  6. - Link removed. Read board rules. - This page is in French, register and you can download Neo Geo Roms and a lot of Games for others systems/consoles The good this is : You can use Download Accelerator and the resume feature. Never Falls, like the unfamous ******* You can find the "dificcult to get" last Blade 2 Enjoy Damalux®
  7. Hi, I'm David, from Medellin Colombia, I love NEO GEO, SNES, NES, ATARI 2600 and SEGA (Remembers.. remebers...) Thanks to the Moderators and Administrators because without these guys, this will be a chaos. Nice Job guys!!! See ya!!!
  8. 1. Get the SNES Plugin for WINAMP (www.winamp.com) and a Wav - Mp3 Converter (i.e MusicMatch Jukebox or other) 2. Go to your favorite emulator/game and save the SPC 3. In Winamp Press Ctrl + P (preferences) and go to Plugins/Ouput. Select Nullsoft Disk Writer (Configure it !!!) 4. Play the SPC song (You shouldn't hear anything and the track is playing too fast) 5. Change the Plugins/Ouput to your default (Or any song that you play will be converted to Wav) 6. Convert the wav file to mp3 7. If you have MUGEN, you really need this to put excelent themes to your battles (I.e : The Str
  9. Hi, Soon, The Saga of the Samurai Shodown will have another babe, Samurai Shodown V For me, is and will be THE BEST GAME ever!!! Ok, the poll: SORRY FOR THE OTHERS CHARACTERES!!! But the poll only allows 10 maximun. For me is Ukyo, Is slow but awesome jumps, a huge sword (katana) and a cute girls fans make this chararcter the best.
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