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Yes, i have one. the 3D is not really great actually, and the controls are awkward. SSFIV and DOA are great, but didnt quite enjoy Nintendog and Mario Land :/


There isn't much going on right now on it, launch titles were hit or miss and still nothing that great on it. I had the ambassador program stuff too, but the virtual console doesn't have enough yet either. I'm not impressed, mostly collects dust right now. Actually bought it in expectation of Megaman Legends 3...

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I have one. I really like it, I enjoy the 3D. Out of my games only Ocarina of Time had deep 3D. But the 3D is fine IMO. Tekken is fun but online is often laggy. Dude that movie sucks. MGS3 is the same but with depth now, Im engulfed, love MGS3. DOA is pretty fun, pilot wings is a waste but pretty fun anyway. Starfox was in my pocket when I did laundry dammit and doesnt work anymore. Samurai Warriors is a nice distraction on the go but the 3D is as weak as it gets... but thats fine.


3D games on the marketplace are few and far between.


Is it worth it.... for me yes

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Mine gets fair use. Although I have to admit that I've played more DS games on it over 3DS ones. I'm waiting at the tip of my chair for Smash Bro's like a school girl though.


Everything that's been said about Ocarina is true, it's an amazing game. But the 3DS game I'm playing right now is a remake of a PS2 RPG called Tales of the Abyss, so far it's keeping me entertained and the battle system is "new". The only other 2 3DS games I played were Sonic Generations and Super Mario 3D Land. I regret buying both of them at full price since they barely ran 6 hours on full completions each. But the game play was enjoyable, just not $40 enjoyable.

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Super Mario 3D Land is good, I like it better than Galaxy or Sunshine.


The graphics are good, I completed it in about 3 hours, I was playing it on and off for a few weeks. The 3DS was really a steal at $170 which is why I went ahead and bought it because I had the money. The 3D effect is annoying in that I have to sit in a specific position and not move and inch or the 3D effect will mess up, so I usually play without it. Mario is the only game I've played, I just got Zelda and I'll be playing that when I get around to it.

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