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Question about state of xbox arcade emulation


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Hey guys. I appreciate all the hard work you guys have been doing for the xbox. I took a break from my xbox a few years ago and I'm delighted to see it back in full swing.


I have a couple of questions for you guys.


Has there been or is there an emulator in progress that is porting mame over past the version 0.84 that I have in MAMEdox currently?


Also I was wondering, does FBL, coin ops, or any of the other current acive development into arcade plan to support and emulate Mystic warriors based-hardware or the Namco NB-1/ NB-2 for the xbox?


Mystic Warriors based-hardware



Namco NB-1/NB-2


Some of these arcade games were super sweet. Especially outfoxies for the NB-2 and Monster Maulers for the Mystic Warriors based-hardware. I know Mame supports them now but the latest xbox version 0.84 that I'm aware of does not fully. I should also mention I have FBA XXX Pro which I love and I'm just now trying FBL and Coin ops. Thanks to you developers that keep the box dream alive.


I've been out of the loop for awhile so forgive my ignorrance. Any info is appreciated.

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over the past 2 years or there about iq 132 did a lot of new drivers for coinops like nightslashers,osman/cannon dancer,dj boy,bc kid,skull fang....loads of new games.

and i am sure monter maulers was another one he did in fact i am sure that most of the games on the mystic warriors hardware is now emulated apart from gaiapolis.

as for the namco hardware some of those games are already emulated on coinops like nebulus ray but it does not have sound.

edit/should also add that final burn legends plays a tonne of new games that arent in fbaxxx pro like powerdrift,turbo outrun,galaxy force 2......and so on.

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gaiapolis cant get past the boot screen,this has been a problem now for years as far as i remember anyway.

cant remember anyone being able to boot it even on a 128mb ram xbox.....unless i missed something.

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Thanks very much for the quick, solid info guys. This is indeed another exciting time to get back into the xbox. I will be following very closely and appreciate all of the hard work that you guys do to maintain in my opinion, the best console still. Cheers. :thumbsup1:

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work is underway on FBL 1.6 which is based on mame 0.143u7 so it will the most up to date mame currently on the xbox


oh and welcome back to the scene


i believe +T+ was talking about the 0.143u7 romset... not the actual mame source.


but believe when i say this... I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE MAME IN FBL TOO!! :thumbsup1:


even if it was just .084...

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fair point i could bullshit and say oh thats what i ment the romset

but no i guess i need to read up on FBL before posting :D


and you might get your wish for mame in FBL im sure i mind +T+ sayin

he was looking into maybe adding it to FBL at some point if im not mistaken :D


ive stated before i do prefer the gun game crosshares and the control adjustment options in FBL so anything

that means i can play more of them ie beast busters or lucky and wild in FBL

would be totally cool :thumbsup1:

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