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How do you guys deal with liars?


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I know you're not upposed to entertain these people and have a better judge of charecter.


But have you ever had a liar in your life and how did you deal with them?

Normally I just ignore and let them carry on without me, but this time im kinda stuck with one.

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well ive no idea if i told ya otherwise idd be lying :P


ok all joking aside i guess your being serious well i suppose it depends on which type they are little white lies that dont really hurt or effect anything can be annoying

but more darker lies do have to be confronted and sorted out easier said than done though cos it could cost you a friendship relationship etc


heres what happened when we confronted a liar


back in my teens there was this guy who sometimes hung around with the team not really anyones friend just a face from the scheme who we all knew

and like us was into a blast etc but he would always bullshit and carry daft wee stories around which started to get really annoying

so to teach him a lesson we decided to do the same to him and see how he likes it



anyway hes going around telling these bullshit stories we feed him and making a complete tit of himself

so he soon must have got the message and rather than coming back to us and just sayin look boys ive been full of crap

im sorry wont do it again etc to which we would have said dont be such a fucking daftie from now on

and forgot all about it as people do


he stopped hanging around and 3 weeks or so later commited suicide by throwing himself off a block of flats

i still feel guilty about that but dont know if that was the reason for topping himself as he never left any notes behind

guess you never know how fragile some people are they hide it well

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Holy fucking shit Gamez.


That sounds exactly like a guy who lives near me, he is always bullshitting about stuff.

He went round to a neighbour and started telling her his mother had been diagnosed with cancer, when she hadnt.

His brother came round and punched him!!!

This guy cant just be "normal" he has always got to be abusive or talking shit.


You'll get used to Skythe he is the "wtf" king here, he normally means no harm haha.


The trouble i am having at the moment is my ex girl wants me to go round and see the kid, but i haven't forgive her for her lies yet, and she wont fess up so i just fucking hate on her for it. I cant stand to be in the same room as her.

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Well im going round there to see the kid more often now, she still trys to "hide" what she has done.

You get to the point when you dont know who to believe any-more, so i stop wasting my time and keep my eye on the goal.

My kids happiness.

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