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whats your problem with coinops

gamez fan

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it seems any topic on here that mentions coinops gets marked down star wise cant figure that one out

so maybe who evers markin it down can post their reasons for doin so here cos you know i just dont get it


like it or not like the guy that developes it or not coinops is the most popular emulator on the xbox

most people who are into console and arcade emulation want it or have it already

its my favourite arcade emulator FBL comes a close 2nd


and until another one comes along that plays all my 600 or so favorite arcade games either

as good or better then thats the way its stayin


you know maybe im daft but this is an emulation site were all fans of the emulation scene

so please explain how can you give a thumps down to coinops when it provides

loads of gaming goodness and costs fuck all to own

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i guess its better that way wasnt tryin to stir it up was just sticking up for coinops cause i like it

last time ill mention it


You have a right to mention what you like... if people dont like the thread then they wont comment.

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due to the problems coinops was causing at the time (September 2011)




However CoinOps can be discussed again now, so please say anything you want about it, in a new thread :)

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change of heart
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