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Hi everyone,


I came up with an idea for an addition to the FBL Extras pack; a custom favourites list that contains only games that run perfectly on FBL (or better than any other Xbox emulator). So basically, when added to the emu, you would still be able to see the full list of games under 'Select Games' but under 'Favourite Games' you will only see games in the Perfect Collection list. This will exclude games that currently run out of memory, run slowly, or have other emulation issues. This is something I was going to try and compile myself, but my time is limited so I thought I'd try to enlist some help.


If you think this sounds like a good idea then to help out, all you need to do is post a list of games you know work to following standard in FBL:


- No NeoGeo, CPS, Cave, Psykio, PGM games. I'm already aware of which of these work well enough.

- The game must be a parent set unless it is a clone with significant gameplay differences.

- The game must run at a constant 59fps+ OR have a faster framerate than it does in other Xbox emulators such as MAMEoX or Final Burn.

- The game must not have any graphics, sound, or emulation problems that are detrimental to gameplay.


I'm planning to make the FPS display a global option in FBL1.6 which should make testing easier, but that might be a little while off yet, so I figured best to put this out now and see what kind of response it gets.

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my only concern is that i like the favorites list. it's easy for me to find the games i play with my son too.


maybe an extra option on the main menu for "Perfect Collection" list

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Hmm the list isnt going well is it :)


Ive played through Double Dragon a few times but ive had it crash about 5 times after you beat willy , Not sure it this happened on the original game ?


i think it would be a good idea to have the perfect list in the filters at the top

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The list is progressing fine. It was only an idea to save myself time by asking others to contribute, but it will get done either way.

Good idea, is there a public list already ? Previously, Ressurectionx setted up 1.3 spread sheet. worth trying setting up another one with the filter or dropping here some names


By the way wich is the best tool to build a file/title list without NeoGeo, CPS, Cave, Psykio, PGM ?

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