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Baryon (MAME/FBA)


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It looks like in the newest version of mame a new shmup has been added called baryon.

this game was first released on the amiga and then arcade versionwas released a few years after.

it looks like the game runs using the arcade hardware as ashura blade and ashura buster.iq 132 has been working on a driver for this game by the look of it.



the game has just been added to the newest revision of mame but it seems the driver still needs some work.


hopefully at some point this will be playable in final burn legends or coinops.


link for baryon rom.


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got any spare time iq ;)


Iirc, I ported the dreamworld driver to coinops. send it back and i'll update it.

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You sure this is/was an Amiga game ? Looks good anyway ;)


I'm fairly sure it wasn't. The PC (Acro Studios) version isn't the same either.

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