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CoinOPS 2 Auto-Rotate Vertical Games **w/ Pics**


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Oh this is very nice. Thanks BS.

I don't have much tech knowledge but love to see this scene grow and improve. It means a lot to us.

I just got new 17'' crt monitor just £14, gonna try hook up to jtag.

And Pajankle enjoy the consoles.esp crt tv:)

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hey BP, will you use the xRaine core for Strikers 1945, Puzzle Bobble 3 & 4 and many more games ? they're running better on xRaine than on MameOX.


And ive one question , i didnt find any option for rotating vertical games in xRaine, am i blind or such features isnt available ? BP, do you think you can add rotate feature to xRaine core ?

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well a few that cant help you in anything more than talk are making it hard....im sure you know what I mean....im sorry this is a 5min fix


sorry I though some of the new talkers where going to talk it into fixing itself....I warned them but they thought it was best not to listen and have you guys suffer....I knew and told you they had no chance of helping you

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attached CoinOPS soften filter to consoles

attached CoinOPS 10x11 pixel ratio to consoles

attached CoinOPS antialising to consoles


made it easy to boot with no roms


opps sorry wrong thread ;-) out I was just letting you know above is redone code wise to insert into the final burn core as well as the coinops core

These features in bold were already available in the XPort emus you've included to your patchwork. Something anyone can use since years. Looks like you lost them meanwhile. But I'm happy you repaired this omission. LOL.

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