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Dragon's Lair on CoinOPS2


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...but all the other sites are dead except for CoinOPS stuff now...

That's misleading. The only reason CoinOPS threads have so many posts is because most of them are your rants and people's responses to them. There is very little real activity here.


And CoinOPS certainly isn't the only thing going on in the scene at the moment. The new Surreal is looking very exciting over at Xbox-scene and I know for a fact that many many people are following the progress of that project, even though they may not be posting about it. Also, madmab appears to be making some great progress in porting the new SNES9x core. And of course, the reason A600's excellent ports do not attract a lot of posts is quite simply because A600 is not active on any of the main Xbox forums.


Basically, post numbers don't mean a thing. Particularly when most of them (like this one) are nothing to do with the development of your project.

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1emu doesn't regulate the views at all. You can click a topic really fast 100 times and it registers as 100 new views. I very highly doubt your numbers here are accurate. It's just odd that 99% of the users on this site don't come to the Xbox section, yet your threads gets more views than anything else.


I also know for a fact that on emuxtras CoinOPS did not go from 9 downloads to 200 downloads in 18 hours. Nice try but I know you or one of your friends just kept downloading it over and over because you have no life. and while we're on the topic CoinOPS doesn't "own" on our site... if you read the CoinOPS EPIC R9 thread its mostly all people who dislike you or the way you run your project speaking on their frustration... unless you think even BAD attention is good attention... then I guess you do own.


Ignorance is bliss though isn't it?


I'll answer for you to save you the time of typing stuff that makes no sense....


BP - "I like the way things are going now, people voted and this is how it is, even if the people who voted were fake accounts I created... until the misinformation stops, misinformation will remain the largest word I know although I don't know its meaning because I misuse it all the time. Its so sad how the Xtras people come here and cry, you can cry all you want to I will not be stopped. You are all young children, I am old and know what I'm talking about, I mean I used to make skins for XBMC back in the day, but the Dev team doesn't know who I am because that pesky Neobomb emailed them and asked and they said I was just a member on their forum... what a bunch of misinformation!!!... even though I am quite old and wise I still use words like "newb, newbie, newbez, and so on..... don't forget, MISINFORMATION! "

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