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One little update to the daphne core to make Badlands run fine (it runs fine for the most parts of the game but sometimes it shows clips of another scene and that make you fail) would be awesome!!!! besides there isn't a DVD version of this superb Konami's Sunset Riders grandpa


BTW BP thanks for your hard and excellent work, and for your patience with all of us.

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Arcade games for CoinOPS....Resident Evil arent arcade games.......oh yes, i know...you'll play them on your cab....^^



CoinOPS 2 aint just about Arcade Games, Its about "The Best Of" console games too... Dont like it? Go Play Epic R9 remove console games and stop moaning...


Oh and to set the record straight I cant play the Resident Evil games on my cab as it aint got analog sticks just a D-Pad and the controls would but a pain....


I got a 60GB PS3 to play PS1 games if I want em... PS1 games for my cab I want ARE just arcade style Like Tekken etc!!!


But to be honest, I aint doing it for me, they are for anyone else who wants to use em, Hell BP might not even put them in...



That said fella, I think your a bit of a cock and rather rude IMHO !

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