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The Wreckless Yakuza Series Of Games..


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has anyone here ever played wreckless the yakuza missions and its sequel double steal the wreckless missions(xbox exclusive and only released in japan).

these 2 games are amongst the best racing games on xbox in my opinion after outrun2,outrun 2006 and burnout 3.

they are both mission based driving games with the premise on smashing the bad guys cars,basically chase hq.

BTW these games play in720p hd if you have the compnent cables.


here is a gameplay vid of wreckless.



here is a vid of its sequel an xbox japanese exclusive called double steal(this has english menus)



just posting this incase anyone has never played these 2 great games before.

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The main things I found neat about this series when I originally tried it was the high framerate coupled with all the different shader/graphical effects...depth of field, tons of particles, motion blur, etc :)

yeah there are some neat effects in this game you get a good sense of speed when you hit the nitro,always preferred the sequel to the original myself.

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I didn't know about the sequel till now lol I bought the first one for around $20 back in the day. Definitely will try this one out :) If I remember correctly, the first one was controller throwing frustrating at times. Can't wait to get pissed again :)

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