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XSorRv5 released for xbox/Update 1 Released.


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We have test it on xbox 360 ... just launching it with XEXMenu ... and it works very fine too :)


x360 Video Test


Use FBT12611 & XBR


The only problem is if you try to change the video filter setting to two modes of scanline & HQx2.

This is a bug that will make your xbox360 going to freeze. But don't worry .It's not a dead end because u can restart your xbox360 for turn it back to normal.


Good luck~

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I have now test it on xbox 1 lol

But i have a problem and it crash at the beginig :)

I have change the videos filters ... is there the same problem than on xbox 360 ?

Are the video effect working or not ?



PS : some other games with the same engine ?

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Very disappointing. This game is awfully buggy, to the point where playing with a friend is going to be impossible (ruins the couch experience).


Crashed sifting thru the bgm test, and it crashed after the character select.

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Doesn't it say in the readme that you shouldn't use filters? A600 releases are for the most part direct ports of the PC versions. We're lucky that these ports run at all since theres very little xbox optimization.


Also make sure that you've got the update 1 release. Original release will crash on you.

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