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BP wants to know


What Emus do you use  

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I prefer Coinops gui over FBL for alot of reasons this is not the point here,

Using it for Arcade and some arcadish console games.


But i stick to xport standard when it comes to special features, confusing at first, but very flexible and allows a multitude of configurations once it is accustomed.

I must say gillou's rumble code for Genesis rocks!

I like the way 32x can be tweaked via sh2 to be smooth on a standard xbox.

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cheers but once again kind of want new people....if you been around a while this isnt for you....most people are grabing EPIC by looks and its you I want to here from as clearly it has alot of consoles...do you remove them if so its a reasonable job


ill redo my next one :) but its clear that people arnt using hk build at present

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ill check the people out as new members voted.....but maybe I have to get to work on console games some more :)



I pretty much use the same setup as stated by Fumanchu"

"i use coinops and final burn legends on my xbox as its worth having both in my opinion,for consoles i use the madmab/xport emus for console and computer."


though I still have mame128x on as well, I think the console games and set up run smoother on the madlab editions (I do like the xtras but I am not going to kill myself if I do not have them). For the massive 21 gig epics that was floating around, I did not strip out any console games, the more the merrier I say, I like having a few alternatives to run whatever game.


I do however like the easy access (right analog stick pushing in) setup menu in final burn legends. The way it nicely loads up while shrinking the main screen and technically pausing the game for you and giving you every option of whatever game on the right side including the exit game options


I still prefer yours as my main arcade emu however and I am fine with the gui that goes with it, though if something similar to the FBL menu I mentioned could be incorporated, well then that might make coinops really take the cake

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I was looking for a way forward.... clearly this thread wont help me really :) just confusing and most people are not the users I am targetting....

robot3 nothing like that will ever happen on my side....I dont like and its gone on everycore for that reason....the console stuff runs the same as other cores...


sorry guys im trying to reach my core audience and they are not really hanging around here I know :) most of them just grab it and forget alot of the rest they dont want to alter 12000 games and dont want the pain of if they change tvs to redo all again....they want to play....once again I know you guys love to come in and I left other teams for this reason many times....I do it with a diff vision and will never ever change....you guys need to form your own teams....im happy that my vision is now widely adpoted....more widely than I ever thought......you guys have your own forums your own threads and I wish you luck as ive stated many times I dont want to do stuff this way and never will but wish you the best.....I know your a small group that patrol the forums and have keen interest but no one I talk to in real life uses anything else now and why I did it


anyways ill close it down its somewhat interesting...

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