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Any of you guys got experience with "filming?"


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Are you part of the gay gang lol, is that the reason you cant film it.


Im the hero think I earned it by now/// Or maybe the bad guy in the background who stops the FINAL BLOW OF DEATH!!!

well the steady cam rig Inky suggested should let you get your POV shot as u plunder a guys ass

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Emsley: as you know I am a man of special needs, prepare to receive the fist of fury.

Students: errrgggh

Emsley: Prepare the long rubber glove! eeny, meeny, miny, moe, I wonder where my glove will go?

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I already started rolling in recruits for this - I REALLY WISH you guys could be a part of it.

It might just be another gung ho idea - but then again it might not be.

Come on you know you wanna see a guys randomly beating cunts up in the street!

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