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Any of you guys got experience with "filming?"


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Im not talking about porn on your mobile phone.

A long time back me and my cousin started creating a small sketch that was pretty crazy - looking back and remembering what we did I now realise it was one of my really old ideas that could possibly have done something if we had put more effort into it.


I immediately saw the restrictions of the "camera" I was using, no good for longer distance shots (I hate this word) and poor audio reach made for low quality audio - in some situations.


A good reccomendation in "starter kit" such as which camcorder - lights - etc would be a nice start, I will obviously have to grab me some stable video editing software as when I tried it last time round the software was poor and crashed often - Audio dub should do the trick at first - but any further editing will probably be beyond me.

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I had a cheap camera 300 - 400 bracket, it was hard to work with to get decent results - Should it be fairly cheap to get something that digitally codes in to MPEG2 now?


What about Mics?


Edit: Pirating software is second nature to pros like us!

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there was a web series on crackle shot completely with a flipHD type camera from Kodak.




the main thing is you just have to be creative. use a broom for a boom mic, some weight suspended from the tripod screw hole for "steady cam" hell even a string with a few washers on it works as a tripod. drop the washers to the ground and step on em, then pull the camera up tight against the string. zero shake.

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