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Quitting drinking before xmas sucks.


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I have been itching to go dry for about a month now as you all know I do have a problem with the old beer.

I have done it before for 3 months and I hope to do it again, my problem recently got worse and I now realise its time to attempt to take control back over the problem.


I used to enjoy not been a drinker - sure I LOVE a beer, but at the same time its great now to want one or need one, and man I hate waking up with hangovers, im sick and tired of the fucking things, so i do the "hair of the dog" a few tins to bring me round sure it works but the old "feeling like shit" feeling soon returns.

Last week I managed 5 days without a beer but then this crushing wave of PURE boredom came over me, Im sat in my parents watching the news and how no one can get a job or there is no money left in the country, then my old man comes home and puts some proper crap on TV and starts playing this game on his mobile phone and irritates the crap out of me, it was like 5 in the afternoon and i had ten bucks so yea you know what i did... 8 tins.


two years back i was ultra disciplined with beer I would drink once threw the week normally Wednesday and a weekend, and that would be it!

I just got paid so i reckon its the best time to give it the shove.

Im BORED of drinking, Im SICK of hangovers, and Im SICK of the damage im doing to my body.

There has to be more to life then drinking at home and going out, man im just itching for a new direction or SOMETHING!

This time last year I would get a few days work when I work I WONT drink, been out of work just fucking throws that out of the window...


Would any of you admit to having a beer problem? ;)

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I get this really pissed off feeling like I have wasted my years since 2007 - personally I think I might always have a problem with beer, I have been offered 3 jobs - one at a warehouse, one at some other place and one at a cash converters.

I tell people "im not ready for a job" and its true I have been out of work for 3 years and gone threw some less than nice times with women.


Its the stress - and boredom I think that is half the battle.


Cheers solid.

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You're offered a job and you refuse.


So you don't have much money, and that little you have you blow on booze and bad women.


That leaves you with nothing to do. Boredom sets in. Back to the bottle.


Alcohol damages the brain and liver,

By the time you find out it will be too late.


Think on that... while you can.

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It's not so much as "refusing" a job as facing the financial diffciultes and new problems that I will face.

After speaking with an adviser i could be topsy turvy for as much as a few months till i "settle" back in to work.

This means any new employer may have to put up with my brain been fried cause i can get low energy, like a brown out.

What use am i if i am having a day off a week and falling asleep on the job? They are gonna fire my ass.


If you know anyone who is stuck on benefits and especially in england (I say stuck this is not the case) after doing the math for a minimum paid job you would be "mad" to go and work like a slave for only 30 pound more a week - than what you get on benefits.


I want to work - I want to better my self but its more difficult than youcould imagine at the moment, also Im a plasterer Im supposed to get 300 to 400 per week min... So when someone offers you a min paid job..

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