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Burn a Koran day.


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but why are media outlets giving this idiot attention?



people troll on tv, the viewers eat it up and rage or whatever, and they sit through the ads


Obviouly...its a slow news cycle. It's not like the American electorate can be any more polarized than it already is...that's what it seems the media is really intereseted in. Nothing new of course. Take unimportant story/person/event, report on it, create a controversy, rake profits.


It's a similar forumula that Faux News uses. I can't knock them for making money (they are a business, albeit a news organization with an agenda is a faux news org.). They truly do a disservice to this country.


They only good thing to get out of it is the fun we can make of them. Which segways into the shenanigans that are to be unleashed by John Stewart and Steven Colbert. I'm thinking of going to their DC Memorial rally.

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A- I'm a muslim, in fact I'm Egyptian American.

B- All Terrorists are Muslims…Except the 94% that Aren’t : http://www.loonwatch.com/2010/01/not-all-t...ts-are-muslims/


And for the record, moderates attack extremists ALL the time, you just don't see it on the media (google for example something called "The Broken Caravan" which explains in detail why Islam specifically Prohibits suicide bombing. Guess what, you won't find it.)


so before you decry that the "moderates aren't speaking out" make sure your media actually REPORTS it when they do.



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